"A  medical threat which makes all other medical threats pale"
Subject:   Off Topic - Vaccines
   Date:    Wed, 6 Dec 2000 18:09:40 +1100
   From:    moonbeam@earthling.net
     To:      nukenet@envirolink.org

       Obviously everyone on the list thinks that the threat of nuclear isotopes is
the greatest danger facing humanity. For many years I have thought so.
   Yet today a new threat has arisen, which in my mind rivals the nuclear threat.
   This is a medical threat which makes all other medical threats pale into
insignificance, including the anthrax vaccine threat.

 You have all heard about this problem yet I suggest unless you have read at least
100 pages about it you will be very underinformed.

   The problem is mad cow disease/CJD/prions/TSE/scrapie/downer cow/mad deer, etc.
   Please don't think you already know about this disease.

Problem Number 1.
   Many of the worlds vaccines have been grown on bovine derived growth medium which
was infected with Prions. Alternately the original master vaccine seeds were
imported from some country where the master seeds were grown on Prion infected
material. USA vaccines are acknowledged by the FDA to have been in contact with mad
All such vaccines are to be used on humans until they are used up. 70 million
African children are about to be given a Polio Vaccine which is publicly
acknowledged to be slightly contaminated with CJD.
Millions of USA children will receive the same contaminated vaccine.

Problem Number 2.
Mad Cow/CJD/Prions are always lethal without exception.

Problem 3.
Prions are not bacteria or viruses or cancer. Prions remain infectious and lethal,
after being heated to 600 deg C. for 5 minutes. Prions are not affected by nuclear
irradiation, any antiseptic, drying, boiling, acids, alkalis,gasolene, alchohol,
bleach,formaldehyde,ozone, ultraviolet light, hydrogen peroxide, autoclaving, etc,
etc, etc.

Problem 4.
Prions are spread by infected blood contact, eating infected meat, by insects like
ticks, fleas, common fly larvae, by surgical instruments, dental equipment, blood
products, vaccines, infected faeces and urine etc. From infected Faeces the ground
becomes infected and animals put there will get infected.

Problem 5.
When Britain banned infected feed from use in Britain, the feed companies sent
infected feed all around the world, especially 3rd world countries, Asia, Africa,
Mid east, Far East, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia, Czechoslovakia, Nigeria,  South
Africa,  Kenya, Turkey, Liberia, Lebanon, Puerto Rico and Sri Lanka.  This is in
addition to most European Union Countries like France, Belgium etc.

Problem 6.
There is no blood test or antigen test. A typical test will be - after the person
dies, cut open their brain, slice the brain, look at it under a microscope for small
holes in the brain tissue. These holes in the brain take typically 10 or 20 or 30 or
40 years to develop. In cattle they only take about 6 or 10 years to develop, so for
a 4 year old cow there is no test.

Problem 7.
 Hidden Transmition.. this is the big one.
 In the 1950's scientists injected scrapie from sheep (a prion disease) into rats.
None of the rats died and so the scientists said scrapie Prions can not be
transferred to humans. The rats were frozen. A couple of years ago a scientist
thawed out one of these unaffected rats and took some serum from it and injected
that material into a hundred healthy rats. All the hundred healthy rats died
quickly. The scrapie had infected the rats in the 1950's but they became symptomless
carriers. The disease then survived 40 years in the fridge and killed all the 100
test rats, decades later. This shows something that no other disease does, it adapts
in the first generation to its new species host, then in the second generation in
the new species, it becomes 100% lethal, even if none of the first generation seem
to be affected.

Problem 8.
Prions are hereditary diseases. Children are born infected.
So from problems 7 & 8 combined, we could see that even if none of the many, many
millions (maybe 100 million or more) children who get the infected vaccines become
sick,  all their children could be born infected. Alternately anyone who came in
contact with the blood urine or faeces of the first generation would die, as in the
case of the rats, in problem 7 above.

Problem 9.
No surgical instruments can be sterilized once they have contacted infected
material. So Britain has allready banned the re use of surgical instruments. Same
goes for dental instruments.

Enough problems I think, I will not mention the problem of actually eating infected
meat or the 15% of elk and deer in USA that are already infected.
Only vertebrates are killed by this disease, all types of vertebrates. There is no
species barrier. Cutting your hand with a knife that was previously incontact with
infected meat will transmitt the disease.

 For non resistant human alleles the incubation can be up to 40 years. Reistant
alleles show characteristics, as in problem 7, hidden transmittion.