ICP-MS CHPPM Soil Sampling Kuwait 1998 US Army

Commentary of dr. Len Dietz on the isotopic analysis of Depleted Uranium
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The use of an ICP-MS means the accuracy of the measurement is
only guaranteed above 1 ppm concentration uranium in the sample.
If the concentration U < 1 ppm the isotopic analysis is
not accurate.
< 1 ppm U: no DU will be found with the ICP-MS

More accurate is the Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometer of
Atlantic Universitiy of Newfoundland  in Canada. (contact Pat Horan)

This means: not finding DU in soil samples with a concentration
of  Uranium < 1 ppm is not very scientific because low DU-
concentrations also are dangerous

In the following report only one out of 22 samples gives a
clear indication of DU in the sample: ENV 0040 (because
this sample contains 33,0 ppm (or microgram per gram) uranium
The others are below the measuring range of the ICP-MS
(Iductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer)

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The quantitative analysis of depleted uranium isotopes in British,
Canadian, and U.S. Gulf War veteransHoran P, Dietz L, Durakovic A.

CHPPM Soil Sampling
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