Depleted uranium measured in Amsterdam
6 years after EL-AL plane crash.
Uranium 236 is also measured.

Crash Date El-Al Boeing          4 Oktober 1992
Sample date filter                     4 Oktober 1998
Analysis date filter                    5 June 2000

Air filter Central Heating System 'Gooioord Bijlmermeer' Amsterdam:
analysis data of the Isotopic Composition of  URANIUM
for Stichting Visie Amsterdam The Netherlands

Sample name   235/238       1 Sigma        234/238           1 Sigma            236/235           1Sigma        238/235          1 Sigma
Filter                0,00664       0,00004       0,000055         0,000004         0,000006         0,000001    150,5848         0,9522

Sample Name      U238%            U235%            U234%            U236%
Filter                    99,3343%         0,6597%          0,0054%          0,0006%

Sample Name      U ppm
Filter                    0,113

the uranium of the filter-sample contains a measurable fraction depleted uranium

Control sample natural uranium:

Sample#           234/238      1 sigma      234/235      1 Sigma      235/238      1 sigma
U960            0.000054     0.000001     0.007376     0.000220     0.007257     0.000026
U960            0.000052     0.000002     0.007175     0.000302     0.007247     0.000024
U960            0.000055     0.000001      did not measure               0.007241     0.000058

Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NF
A1B 3X5


This sample has been taken from a rough glass fiber filter in the central
heating system of an appartment building about 500 yards from the crash
spot of the EL-AL Boeing.
This filter was designed to keep the autumn leaves out of the building.
Behind this filter were heavy ventilators which blow air into the natural gas
heater. Only occasionally uranium particles are trapped in the filter. Most
uranium dust pass the filter and will disappear in the fire. These particles
dissipate via the exhaust in the open air.
This is a way of resuspension. The uranium oxide particles can
later be inhaled subsequently by practically anybody.
The result of the analysis shows a minute fraction of U236 which is a
uranium isotope from a nuclear reactor. Uranium 236 is always accompanied
by transuranes like americium, plutonium and neptunium.
It can be expected there is a certain fraction of plutonium, neptunium and
americium present in this sample.
The high fraction of Uranium 234 is from the natural uranium portion mixed with
the reprocessed uranium.

Hans de Jonge

Measurement of DU in Hanger number 8 of the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
Vondst van verarmd uranium in cv installatie Gooioord