Uranium exposure assessment

It is known already for several years the "Gulfwar syndrome" and more
recently the "Balkan syndrome" are caused by the use of several toxic agents.

These toxic substances are mainly adminstered by medical personnel in the form
of vaccines mixed with mercury, drugs and sprays against nerve gas en several kinds of  parasites.
It is doubtful these medics achieve this wide range of protection. The immune system
is forced to response to too many vaccines and drugs and ends up in a mess. Of course
this is known to the medical staff so the soldiers are used as guinea pigs in a
macabre experiment.

The main toxine is adminstered by the military itself to its own personnel: depleted uranium
dust. This substance radiates the body from the inside. The local peoples are even more the
vicitims of this dust: they have to live in a contaminated neighbourhood.
Dr Len Dietz has calculated the amount of alpha radiation from one tiny dust particle
which can be inhaled easily deep in the lung and can stay there for several years.
Only that one small particle with a diameter of 2.5 micron of this highly concentrated
metal oxide generates an alpha radiation of 1000 times the ICRP limits (170 REM/Y) locally
in the lung tissue. (ICRP = International Commission for Radiological Protection)

The measurements of the Canadian chemist dr. Hari Sharma tell us: the half-life
of DU in the human body is more than 9 years because in the urine of British Gulfwar vets
the amount of uranium is 100 times the average concentration. This is caused by the
inhaled DU particles trapped in bone-, lung- brain- and lymphetissue.
These DU particles in the lung, lymphe nodes, bone and brain release by ongoing corrosion
smaller uranium particles which can be measured in the urine and stool.
These uranium particles are still billions of uranium atoms tied together.
These alpha radiating particles can travel through the whole body and trap in an
organ or a particular tissue.

Those particles are not found in naturethey are man-made. 24 hours a day these
particles release alpha particles which damage the nucleus of the neighbouring cells.
Uranium is stored in practically every tissue or organ in the human body.
After ingesting or inhaling depleted uranium people are slowly getting sick by the radiation.
The body tries to get rid of this heavy metal by detoxifying actions of the liver,
Most uranium is excreted in the gut, but is reuptaken again. Some uranium leaves
the body via the urine and can be measured by isotopic separtation: TI - MS
If you are poisoned by DU you should be decontaminatet from DU.

You should  see uranium as the same as any other heavy metal like
lead, mercury, cadmium a.s.o. Only uranium is also radioactive.
Uranium and other heavy metals are seen by the body as nutrition. Heavy metals
atoms are build in the bone and cells like calcium atoms. Uranium might end up in the
bone marrow  where it radiates the stem cells, the precursors of the complete range
of blood cells: lymphocytes, monocytes, bloodplatelets, red blood cells.
Therefore it is very urgent to force the depleted uranium atoms out of
the body. This is a process which will take several  years. Most likely
it will never reach zero level, but can be kept as low as reasonable achevable (ALARA)
by taking vitamins, chelating agents and minirals.

Decontamination from DU
It will be translated a.s.a.p.

There are some substances which are helpful force the uranium out of the cells.

1. Chlorophyl present in a.o. young grasses like wheat grass and algae like spirulina.
      Pure chlorophyl is sold in bottles, tablets and pouwder. Chlorophyl ties the heavy
       metal atom by exchange it with a magnesium atom.
       present in a.o. joung grasses and algae like chlorella and spirulina
       (in de handel in flessen van een halve liter (Vita producten) en in poedervorm
       (Spirulina, tarwegras, Green Magma etc.) elke dag een scheut of theelepel in
       (bron)water). Bindt zware metalen: d.m.v. uitwisseling van het magnesiumatoom
       in het chlorofyl molecuul tegen een heavy metal atoom.

2. Ginkgo Biloba en/of superoxide dismuthase (sod) Twee maal per dag 50 milligram.
       Werkt oxidatie tegen: sterke antioxidatieve werking.

3. Multivitamin 1 tablet per dag. Bevat volledige reeks vitaminen en mineralen
       als aanvulling op het tekort dat is ontstaan door chronische heavy metal vergiftiging.
       (U kunt een multi-vitamine nemen van Solgar, Biotics, Orthica of ander serieus merk)

 4. Selenium, dit is een essentiëel sporen element, een van de eigenschappen is dat het
       methionine en cysteine stimuleert zich te binden aan kwik als een onoplosbare en
       goed uit te scheiden verbinding. Essentieel voor de heavy metal ontgiftiging van b.v. de hersenen.
       Wees in het begin voorzichting met Selenium, zie hierover de Selenium(klik hier) documentatie.

5. Acidophilus + bifidus 500 mg per dag. Zorgt voor gezonde darmflora.

6. Zink. Per dag 50 milligram. Kwik verdringt het zink uit het lichaam en het is daarom
       belangrijk voor extra zinkopname te zorgen. Zink is van belang voor enzymproduktie
       (zink zit ook in de meeste multivitaminen, maar vaak in een te lage dosering). Zeer veel
       belangrijke functies in het menselijk organisme zijn afhankelijk van zink.

7. Magnesium. Dagelijks 500 tot 700 milligram (zit ook in lage doseringen in de meeste
        goede multivitaminen)
       Als je niet veel melkprodukten neemt moet je ook apart extra calcium gebruiken,
       anders krijg je een verstoring van de mg/ca - balans.

8. Alkavital   (Orthica) een halve theelepel per dag oplossen in water:
       dit maakt uw lichaam (en speeksel) alkalisch .
       U kunt ook brandnetelthee drinken om minder zuur te worden  Het bevordert bovendien
       dat het U238 gemakkelijker het lichaam verlaat.

9. Vitamin C  ls calciumascorbaat, dus geen ascorbinezuur als u nog vullingen
       heeft. 1 gram vit. C per dag, verdeeld over de dag in kleinere hoeveelheden.
       Vitamine C zorgt voor uitscheiding van U238 door het verbeteren van

10.Vitamine B6. Dagelijks 50 tot 200 milligram. (zit in de meeste multivitamines)

11.Vitamine B5. Dagelijks 100 tot 400 milligram.(zit in sommige multi's)

12.Vitamine E. Dagelijks 100 tot 400 IE. (zit ook in de meeste multivitamines)

13.Anderhalve liter bronwater per dag om extra via de nieren af te voeren,
       nog beter is om af en toe een week alleen gedestilleerd water te drinken.

14. Other good products are: Koreander (Eng : Cilantro), knoflook preparaten o.a.
       Bärlauch, chlorella (algen), actieve koolstof dus Norit e.d..
       Het beste is eerst een half jaar met chlorella,Bärlauch
       en of knoflook te ontgiften en na dat half jaar Koreander toe te voegen om het hersenweefsel
       te ontgiften.
 Hans de Jonge


EDTA, DMPS and DMSA are the FAST detoxifiers. There is a range of adverse effects if  it
is not taken properly. The best method is to take a small amount (100 mg) orally. The danger is
kidney poisoning  because too much heavy metal ions are passing by.

Test parameters to test before/after DMPS for side-effects :

       1.Creatinine Clearance, urine albumin and protein levels
       2.Urine and blood amylase, protease and lipase, fecal fats
       4.Liver function/glutathione/sulfation
       5.Neutrophil count ( decreases massively )
       6.T4/T8-count and ratio, CD26/Ta1 autoreactivity panel
       8.Immunoglobulin levels
       9.Autoimmune neural myelin sheath antimyelin IgM
      10.AntiThyroid ab's
      11.AntiLiver ab's
      12.antiKidney ab's ( brush membrane, tubular ... )
      13.magnesium, zinc, chromium levels
      14.Nerve Conduction studies
      15.Balance test
          etc etc etc.
     That is just a little starter what can go wrong with DMPS and what to monitor at least.

     IMPO, DMPS should never be the first choice of chelation, and even less so as an IV. Orally in small doses like 100 mg max I have told that I might
     accept it, keeping the backfire risks down. IV DMPS has so sad side-effect profile and in any case, it is just plain playing with fire, when most of the
     physicians administering it STILL DO NOT DO THEIR homework well enuff.

     All I can say is that I hope you belong to the lucky 80 % that do not get damaged bad ( those with good sulfoxidation, strong mineral storages, no
     sulfa-allergies, stomach made of steel, low poisoning levels ( little redistribution effects ) and good B6/folate/b12 status ...

                                                      Very Good Luck, Ray