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"What a long strange trip it's been"

On George W. Bush and His Corrupt Organization

A Personal Note by the Author

It is most unlikely that I would willingly  stand here and declare a "war" on one of the most powerful political and economic dynasties the world has ever created, one that at various times controlled an intelligence agency throughout the world, carved backdoor relations with China and Arabia, had its finger on Armageddon and twisted a hundred million dollars of taxpayers money into their own pockets. The "Bush-Walker Dynasty" is not only a former senator, president, CIA director and two governor sons, but realistically includes the interlocking and coordinated cartel of oil companies and countries, military heroes and defense manufacturers, intelligence agencies and security firms, pharmaceutical barons and the medical infrastructure, lawyers and judges, bankers and brokers, drug and arms dealers, both within the United States and throughout the world.  Routinely, its close members are indicted and convicted for multi-million dollar schemes involving murder and extortion, arms and drugs.  In the baby boomer generation, the politically active  Bush children have all been involved in substantial electioneering scandals, made fortunes on government-funded bankruptcies, leaving stockholders with empty shells, and double-crossed their accomplices and friends.  None of them has made any appreciable contribution to either the national defense, engineering, science, medicine or the arts.  All Americans should be concerned, for every empire has its end, and most frequently it is by the hand of a third and corrupt generation of an "all-powerful" dynasty.

Evolving Corrupt

Some say that only the most steadfast in their moral beliefs emerge from Harvard Business School intact.  Preparation for the competitive world they argue involves obfuscation and subterfuge,   For George W. Bush, moral beliefs were obscured by privilege,  parties, and an inherent belief in his place in his definition of the "noblesse oblige" -- those obligated to rule. From the most exclusive suburbs of Boston visiting his aunt, Nancy Bush Ellis, to street corners of Harvard Square, a 300 yard walk from the Business School campus,  the popularity of recreational drugs (marijuana, hashish, cocaine, dexedrine) was universal.  Especially in Republican circles, only the most cloistered or fearful could avoid the Buckley factor -- Yale conservative William F. Buckley advocates relaxed drug laws after listening to his tribe -- and of course, at Harvard, which nurtured Timothy Leary as a young psychologist, experimentation was mandatory.  George W. was just another wild and funny guy, though today, like most of his generation of 1970's graduate scholars -- the current crop of eminent and powerful lawyers, judges, doctors, politicians, and industrialists -- he obfuscates and disowns his life after dark during this period.

Consequently it is created an extraordinary resource for bribery and extortion, and manifests one of the greatest inequities of our time, the unfortunate pattern of constitutional hypocrisy -- counseling and drug rehabilitation for their wayward friends and incarceration for life for the rest.

Only William LeBlond, Dorothy Bush's first husband was actually arrested for marijuana possession.  In 1989, while driving through Massachusetts, he was stopped for erratic behavior.   A decade of Maine to Miami partying, playing the red guitar with Lee Atwater at Woodie's On The Beach, high quality hashish on the shores of Kennebunkport were forgotten.  No national reporter has asked the ....

Dirty Tricks In Boston, 1979

Boston Globe reports on the Boston ties between George W. Bush, Andrew Card (Former Assistant to President Reagan & Y2000 Republican Convention Chairperson),  Michael A. McManus, Jr., (police unions through Atlantis Weathergear), Ron Kaufman, (Deputy Chief of Staff under President Bush), former Congressperson Margaret Heckler, (Secretary of Health under President Reagan), Alexander Ellis of Weston/Lincoln, brother-in-law to former President Bush (Nancy Bush Ellis), Dorothy ("Doro") Bush, sister, Boston  College graduate and 1980 Bush campaign Boston director with Ron Kaufman.

Corruption In The Father's House -- The White House 1980-1992

McManus  -- the New York Bancorp - BCCI

Dr. Earl Brian -- convicted securities fraud

Heckler --

Card --

Kaufman --

Neil, Hinckley, Hypnosis and A Shot At Reagan
        One had to remain fascinated by the twist of fate that led John W. Hinckley to shoot Reagan.  The most plausible is that his unbalanced mind was pushed over the edge by the instructions of his psychiatrist suggesting his parents "kick him out".  But we are left with a strange taste -- an old neighbors of the Bush's, father the executive of Vanderbilt Oil, and Neil Bush meeting with Hinckley's brother that week.

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