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Global Warming : Earth Can Explode !!!
  Contributed on Tuesday December 11, @ 10:36AMClimate

Amit Parikh writes 

Global Warming: Earth can EXPLODE !!!

The REAL danger for our entire civilization comes not from slow climate changes, but from overheating the planetary interior.

Galileo discovered that Earth moves. Copernicus discovered that Earth moves around the Sun. In 2000 Tom Chalko, inspired by Desmarquet's report, discovered that the solid nucleus of our planet is a nuclear reactor and that our collective ignorance may cause it to overheat and explode. The discovery, verified by experts in many disciplines of science, has been published in June 2001 by the new scientific journal

Polar ice caps melt not because the air there is warmer than 0 deg Celsius, but because they are overheated from UNDERNEATH. Volcanoes become active and erupt violently not because the Earth's interior "crystallizes" as it is currently believed, but because the planetary nucleus is a nuclear fission reactor that needs COOLING.. 

The current doctrine of a "crystalline inner core of Earth" is more dangerous for humanity than all weapons of mass destruction taken together, because it prevents us from imagining, predicting and preventing truly global disasters. 

In any nuclear reactor, the danger of overheating has to be recognized early. When external symptoms intensify it is too late to prevent disaster. Do we have enough imagination, intelligence and integrity to comprehend the danger before the situation becomes irreversible? Did you see the figure above?

If we do not do anything TODAY about Greenhouse Emissions that cause the entire atmosphere to trap more Solar Heat, we will not survive THE NEXT DECADE. In a systematically under-cooled spherical core reactor the cumulative cause-effect relationship is HYPERBOLIC and leads to explosion. There will be no second chance... 

If you doubt whether a planet can explode - you need to see a witness report of a planetary explosion in our Solar system. Plato (428-348 BC) reported that the explosion of the planet Phaeton had been perceived by our ancestors on Earth to be as bright as lightning...

For full report please visit,

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Amit Parikh
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Don't waste our time
by Mark Time( on Saturday, December 08 @05:45PM
Please don't take this nonsense too seriously. If you look at this person's URL link, you'll see what I mean.
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