American Airlines Flight 11, from Boston, Massachusetts, to Los Angeles, California, crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center with 86 people on board,
none of whom were alleged hijackers or Arabs, so questions remain


John Ogonowski, 52, of Dracut, Massachusetts, was the pilot of Flight 11.  A lifelong aviation buff, he joined the Air Force after graduating from college and flew planes at the close of the Vietnam War. He joined American Airlines in 1979.
First Officer Thomas McGuinness, 42, of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, was Flight 11's co-pilot.
Barbara Arestegui, 38, was a flight attendant from Marstons Mills, Massachusetts.
Jeffrey Collman was a flight attendant.
Sara Low, 28, was a flight attendant from Batesville, Arkansas.
Karen Martin was a flight attendant.
Kathleen Nicosia was a flight attendant.
Betty Ong, 45, was a flight attendant from Andover, Massachusetts.
Jean Roger, 24, was a flight attendant from Longmeadow, Massachusetts.
Dianne Snyder, 42, was a flight attendant from Westport, Massachusetts.
Madeline Sweeney, 35, was a flight attendant from Acton, Massachusetts.


Anna Williams Allison, 48, of Stoneham, Massachusetts, was the founder of A2 Software Solutions. ,
David Angell, 54, of Pasadena, California, was the creator and executive producer of the hit NBC sitcom "Frasier."
Lynn Angell, 45, of Pasadena, California, was the wife of "Frasier" creator and executive producer David Angell.
Seima Aoyama
Myra Aronson, 52, of Charlestown, Massachusetts, was a press and analyst relations manager for Compuware Corp.
Christine Barbuto, 32, of Brookline, Massachusetts, was a buyer for TJX Cos.
Berry Berenson, 53, of Los Angeles, California, was an actress and photographer.
Carolyn Beug, 48, of Los Angeles, California.
Carol Bouchard, 43, of Warwick, Rhode Island, was a Kent County Hospital emergency room secretary.
Robin Caplin was from Natick, Massachusetts.
Neilie Casey, 32, of Wellesley, Massachusetts, was a merchandise planning manager for TJX Cos.,
Jeffrey Coombs, 42, of Abington, Massachusetts, was a security analyst for Compaq Computer. H
Tara Creamer, 30, of Worcester, Massachusetts, was a merchandise planning manager for TJX Cos.
Thelma Cuccinello, 71, was a Wilmot, New Hampshire, resident with 10 grandchildren.
Patrick Currivan
Andrew Curry Green was from Chelmsford, Massachusetts.
Brian Dale, 43, of Warren, New Jersey, was an accountant and attorney with Blue Capital Management.
David DiMeglio was from Wakefield, Massachusetts.
Donald Ditullio, 49, was from Peabody, Massachusetts.
Albert Dominguez, 66, was a baggage handler for Qantas Airways in Sydney, Australia.
Alex Filipov, 70, was an electrical engineer from Concord, Massachusetts.
Carol Flyzik, 40, was from Plaistow, New Hampshire.
Paul Friedman, 45, from Belmont, Massachusetts, was a consultant for Emergence Consulting.
Karleton D.B. Fyfe, 31, of Brookline, Massachusetts, was a senior investment analyst for John Hancock.
Peter Gay, 54, of Tewksbury, Massachusetts, was a Raytheon Co. vice president of operations for electronic systems based in Andover, Massachusetts. He had worked for Raytheon for more than 28 years.
Linda George, 27, of Westboro, Massachusetts, was a buyer for TJX Cos.
Edmund Glazer, 41, of Los Angeles, California, was the chief financial officer  of MRV Communications.
Lisa Fenn Gordenstein, 41, of Needham, Massachusetts, was an assistant vice president, for TJX Cos.
Paige Farley Hackel, 46, was a spiritual adviser from Newton, Massachusetts.
Peter Hashem, 40, was an engineer from Tewksbury, Massachusetts.
Robert Hayes, 37, from Amesbury, Massachusetts was a sales engineer with Netstal.
Ted Hennessy, 35, was a consultant for Emergence Consulting in Belmont, Massachusetts.
John Hofer
Cora Holland, 52, of Sudbury, Massachusetts, was with Sudbury Food Pantry.
Nicholas Humber, 60, of Newton, Massachusetts, was the owner of Brae Burn Management.
John Jenkins
Charles Jones, 48, was a computer programmer from Bedford, Massachusetts.
Robin Kaplan, 33, of Westboro, Massachusetts, was a senior store equipment specialist for TJX Cos.
Barbara Keating, 72, was from Palm Springs, California.
David Kovalcin, 42, of Hudson, New Hampshire, was a Raytheon Co. senior mechanical engineer.
Judy Larocque, 50, of Framingham, Massachusetts, was the founder and CEO of Market Perspectives.
Jude Larson, 31, was from Los Angeles, California.
Natalie Larson was from Los Angeles, California.
N. Janis Lasden, 46, of General Electric was from Peabody, Massachusetts.
Daniel John Lee, 34, was from Los Angeles, California.
Daniel C. Lewin, 31, was the co-founder and chief technology officer at Akamai Technologies Inc.
Susan MacKay, 44, of Westford, Massachusetts, was an employee of TJX Cos.
Chris Mello, 25, was a financial analyst with Alta Communications from Boston. 
Jeff Mladenik, 43, of Hinsdale, Illinois, was the interim president at E-Logic.
Antonio Montoya
Carlos Montoya
Laura Lee Morabito, 34, was the Qantas Airways area sales manager in Boston. She lived in Framingham, Mass.
Mildred Naiman was from Andover, Massachusetts.
Laurie Neira
Renee Newell, 37, of Cranston, Rhode Island, was a customer service agent with American Airlines.
Jacqueline Norton, 60, was a retiree from Lubec, Maine. She was traveling with her husband, Robert Norton.
Robert Norton, 82, was a retiree from Lubec, Maine. He was traveling with his wife, Jacqueline Norton.
Jane Orth, 49, of Haverhill, Massachusetts, was retired from Lucent Technology.
Thomas Pecorelli, 31, of Los Angeles, California, was a cameraman for Fox Sports and E! Entertainment Television.
Sonia Morales Puopolo, 58, of Dover, Massachusetts, was a retired ballet dancer.
David Retik was from Needham, Massachusetts. He was a general partner  of Alta Communications.
Philip Rosenzweig of Acton, Massachusetts, was an executive with Sun Microsystems.
Richard Ross, 58, of Newton, Massachusetts, headed his own management consulting company, the Ross Group.
Jessica Sachs, 22, of Billerica, Massachusetts was an accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Rahma Salie, 28, was from Boston.
Heather Smith, 30, of Beacon Capital Partners was from Boston.
Douglas Stone, 54, was from Dover, New Hampshire.
Xavier Suarez
Michael Theodoridis, 32, was a consultant from Boston.
James Trentini, 65, was a retired teacher and assistant principal from Everett, Massachusetts.
Mary Trentini, 67, was a retired secretary from Everett, Massachusetts.
Mary Wahlstrom, 75, of Kaysville, Utah, was traveling with her daughter, Carolyn Beug.
Kenneth Waldie, 46, of Methuen, Massachusetts, was a Raytheon Co. senior quality control engineer.
John Wenckus, 46, was a tax consultant from Torrance, California.
Candace Lee Williams, 20, was a student from Danbury, Connecticut.
Christopher Zarba, 47, of Hopkinton, Massachusetts, was a software engineer at Concord Communications.


American Airlines Flight 77, from Washington to Los Angeles, crashed into the Pentagon with 56 people aboard, none of whom were alleged hijackers or Arabs.


Charles Burlingame of Herndon, Virginia, was the plane's captain.  He had more than 20 years of experience flying with American Airlines and was a former U.S. Navy pilot.
David Charlebois, who lived in Washington's Dupont Circle neighborhood, was the first officer on the flight.
Michele Heidenberger of Chevy Chase, Maryland, was a flight attendant for 30 years. S
Flight attendant Jennifer Lewis, 38, of Culpeper, Virginia, was the wife of flight attendant Kenneth Lewis.
Flight attendant Kenneth Lewis, 49, of Culpeper, Virginia, was the husband of flight attendant Jennifer Lewis.
Renee May, 39, of Baltimore, Maryland, was a flight attendant.


Paul Ambrose, 32, of Washington, was a physician who worked with the U.S. Department of Health.
Yeneneh Betru, 35, was from Burbank, California.
M.J. Booth
Bernard Brown, 11, was a student at Leckie Elementary School in Washington.
Suzanne Calley, 42, of San Martin, California, was an employee of Cisco Systems Inc.
William Caswell
Sarah Clark, 65, of Columbia, Maryland, was a sixth-grade teacher at Backus Middle School in Washington.
Asia Cottom, 11, was a student at Backus Middle School in Washington.
James Debeuneure, 58, of  Maryland, was a fifth-grade teacher at Ketcham Elementary School in Washington.
Rodney Dickens, 11, was a student at Leckie Elementary School in Washington.
Eddie Dillard
Charles Droz
Barbara Edwards, 58, of Las Vegas, Nevada, was a teacher at Palo Verde High School in Las Vegas.
Charles S. Falkenberg, 45, of University Park, Maryland, was the director of research at ECOlogic Corp.
Zoe Falkenberg, 8, of University Park, Maryland, was the daughter of Charles Falkenberg and Leslie Whittingham.
Dana Falkenberg, 3, of University Park, Maryland, was the daughter of Charles Falkenberg and Leslie Whittingham.
Joe Ferguson was the director of the National Geographic Society's geography education outreach program in Washington.
Wilson "Bud" Flagg of Millwood, Virginia, was a retired Navy admiral and retired American Airlines pilot.
Dee Flagg
Richard Gabriel
Ian Gray, 55, of Washington was the president of a health-care consulting firm.
Stanley Hall, 68, was from Rancho Palos Verdes, California.
Bryan Jack, 48, of Alexandria, Virginia, was a senior executive at the Defense Department.
Steven D. "Jake" Jacoby, 43, of Alexandria, Virginia, was the chief operating officer of Metrocall Inc.
Ann Judge, 49, of Virginia was the travel office manager for the National Geographic Society.
Yvonne Kennedy
Norma Khan, 45, from Reston, Virginia was a nonprofit organization manager.
Karen A. Kincaid, 40, was a lawyer with the Washington firm of Wiley Rein & Fielding.
Norma Langsteuerle
Dong Lee
Dora Menchaca, 45, of Santa Monica, California, worked for a biotech firm.
Christopher Newton, 38, of Anaheim, California, was president and chief executive officer of Work-Life Benefits.
Barbara Olson, 45, was a conservative commentator who often appeared on CNN. 
Ruben Ornedo, 39, of Los Angeles, California, was a Boeing propulsion engineer.
Robert Penniger, 63, of Poway, California, was an electrical engineer with BAE Systems.
Lisa Raines, 42, was senior vice president for government relations at the Washington office of Genzyme.
Todd Reuben, 40, of Potomac, Maryland, was a tax and business lawyer.
John Sammartino
Diane Simmons
George Simmons
Mari-Rae Sopper of Santa Barbara, California, was a women's gymnastics coach at the University of California. 
Bob Speisman, 47, was from Irvington, New York.
Hilda Taylor was a sixth-grade teacher at Leckie Elementary School in Washington.
Leonard Taylor was from Reston, Virginia.
Leslie A. Whittington, 45, was from University Park, Maryland.
John Yamnicky, 71, was from Waldorf, Maryland.
Vicki Yancey
Shuyin Yang
Yuguag Zheng


United Airlines Flight 175, from Boston, Massachusetts, to Los Angeles, California, was the second hijacked plane to strike the World Trade Center South Tower) with 56 people on board.
No alleged hikackers or anyone of Arab name or obvious descent.

Capt. Victor Saracini, 51, of Lower Makefield Township, Pennsylvania, was a Navy veteran.
Michael Horrocks was first officer.
Robert J. Fangman was a flight attendant.
Amy N. Jarret, 28, of North Smithfield, Rhode Island, was a flight attendant.
Amy R. King was a flight attendant.
Kathryn L. Laborie was a flight attendant.
Alfred G. Marchand of Alamogordo, New Mexico, was a flight attendant.
Michael C. Tarrou was a flight attendant.
Alicia N. Titus was a flight atteandant.


Alona Avraham, 30, was from Ashdot, Israel.
Garnet "Ace" Bailey, 53, of Lynnfield, Massachusetts, was director of pro scouting for the Los Angeles Kings hockey team. Mark Bavis, 31, of West Newton, Massachusetts.
Graham Berkeley, 37, of Xerox Corp. was from Wellesley, Massachusetts.
Touri Bolourchi, 69, was from Beverly Hills, California.
Klaus Bothe, 31, of Germany was on a business trip with BCT Technology AG's chief executive officer.
Daniel Brandhorst, of Los Angeles, California, was a lawyer for PriceWaterhouse.
David Brandhorst, 3, was from Los Angeles.
John Cahill was from Wellesley, Massachusetts.
Christoffer Carstanjen, 33, of Turner Falls, Massachusetts, was staff assistant in the office of information technology at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.
John Corcoran "Jay" Corcoran, 44, of Norwell, Massachusetts, was a merchant marine.
Dorothy Dearaujo, 82, was from Long Beach, California.
Gloria Debarrera
Lisa Frost, 22, of Rancho Santa Margarita, California, graduated from Boston University this year.
Ronald Gamboa, 33, of Los Angeles, California, was a Gap store manager.
Lynn Goodchild, 25, was from Attleboro, Massachusetts.
The Rev. Francis E. Grogan, 76, of Easton, Massachusetts, was a priest at Holy Cross Church in Easton.
Carl Hammond, 37, was from Boston, Massachusetts.
Peter Hanson, 32, of Groton, Massachusetts, was a software salesman.
Susan Hanson, 35, of Groton, Massachusetts, was a student.
Christine Hanson, 3, was from Groton, Massachusetts.
Gerald Hardacre
Eric Hartono
James E. Hayden, 47, of Westford, Massachusetts, was the chief financial officer of Netegrity Inc.
Herbert Homer,48, of Milford, Massachusetts, worked for Raytheon Co.
Robert Jalbert, 61, of Swampscott, Massachusetts, was a salesman.
Ralph Kershaw, 52, of Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts, was a marine surveyor.
Heinrich Kimmig, 43, chairman and chief executive officer of BCT Technology Ag, of Germany. 
Brian Kinney, 29, of Lowell, Massachusetts, was an auditor for PriceWaterhouse Cooper.
Robert LeBlanc, 70, of Lee, New Hampshire, was a professor emeritus of geography at the University of New Hampshire.
Maclovio "Joe" Lopez Jr., 41, was from Norwalk, California.
Marianne MacFarlane
Louis Neil Mariani, 59, was from Derry, New Hampshire.
Juliana Valentine McCourt, 4, was from New London, Connecticut.
Ruth McCourt, 24, was from Westford, Massachusetts.
Wolfgang Menzel, 60, of Germany joined BCT Technology AG in 2000 as director of human resources. He is survived by his wife and one child. Menzel had planned to retire in six months.
Shawn Nassaney, 25, was from Pawtucket, Rhode Island.
Patrick Quigley, 40, of Wellesley, Massachusetts, was a partner at PriceWaterhouse Cooper.
Frederick Rimmele was a physician from Marblehead, Massachusetts.
James M. Roux, 42, was from Portland, Maine.
Jesus Sanchez, 45, was an off-duty flight attendant from Hudson, Massachusetts.
Kathleen Shearer was from Dover, New Hampshire.
Robert Shearer was from Dover, New Hampshire.
Jane Simpkin, 35, was from Wayland, Massachusetts.
Brian D. Sweeney, 38, was from Barnstable, Massachusetts.
Timothy Ward, 38, of San Diego, California, worked at the Carlsbad, California-based Rubio's Restaurants Inc.
William Weems of Marblehead, Massachusetts, was a commercial producer.


United Airlines Flight 93, from Newark, New Jersey, to San Francisco, California, crashed in rural southwest Pennsylvania, with 45 people on board, none of whom were alleged hijackers or Arabs.


Jason Dahl, 43, from Denver, Colorado, was the plane's captain.
Leroy Homer, 36, from Marlton, New Jersey, was the first officer on board.
Lorraine Bay was a flight attendant.
Sandra Bradshaw, 38, of Greensboro, North Carolina, was a flight attendant.
Wanda Green was a flight attendant.
CeeCee Lyles of Fort Myers, Florida, was a flight attendant. 
Deborah Welsh was a flight attendant.


Christian Adams
Todd Beamer, 32, was from Cranbury, New Jersey.
Alan Beaven, 48, of Oakland, California, was an environmental lawyer.
Mark Bingham, 31, of San Francisco owned a public relations firm, the Bingham Group.
Deora Bodley, 20, of Santa Clara, California, was a university student.
Marion Britton
Thomas E. Burnett Jr., 38, of San Ramon, California.
William Cashman
Georgine Corrigan
Joseph Deluca
Patrick Driscoll
Edward Felt, 41, was from Matawan, New Jersey.
Colleen Fraser
Andrew Garcia
Jeremy Glick, 31, from West Milford, New Jersey.
Lauren Grandcolas of San Rafael, California, was a sales worker at Good Housekeeping magazine.
Donald F. Green, 52, was from Greenwich, Connecticut.
Linda Gronlund
Richard Guadagno, 38, of Eureka, California, was the manager of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge.
Toshiya Kuge
Waleska Martinez
Nicole Miller
Mark Rothenberg
Christine Snyder, 32, was from Kailua, Hawaii. She was an arborist for the Outdoor Circle. 
John Talignani
Honor Wainio



(Originally published at, this version includes additional info)

The passenger NUMBERS of all four airplanes that crashed were published almost straight away. The passengerLISTS or MANIFESTS though were sended to the FBI by the FAA within hours after they crashed. Only parts of those lists were given by the FBI to Associated Press. Those so called victimlists were published by the big agencies from the 12th september 2001 onwards. Those lists were never complete ! Even more ashtonishing; the HIJACKERS were never mentioned on those lists !

This made me curious. I wanted to find out who were on those planes.

Within 48 hours the FBI made public the names of 19 HIJACKERS. But the FBI never released the complete passengerlists. Fortunately the people of the US started to make sites on the internet. On those sites people were invited to make contributions to their loved ones who died on those planes. With their information I succeeded to get the complete lists.

As I said : The numbers were given straight away by United Airlines and American Airlines :
Flight 11 : 81 passengers, 9 flight attendants, 2 pilots, TOTAL : 92 persons.
Flight 175 : 56 passengers, 7 flight attendants, 2 pilots, TOTAL : 65 persons.
Flight 77 : 58 passengers, 4 flight attendants, 2 pilots, TOTAL : 64 persons.
Flight 93 : 37 passengers, 5 flight attendants, 2 pilots, TOTAL : 44 persons. ( On the 11th of september, United Airlines gave a total number of 45 persons. This was corrected the 12th after UA learned that one passenger had purchased 2 tickets.This led the airline initially to report that there were 45 people onboard, when there were, in fact, 44 people onboard.Very strange! See their site.

Those numbers were later never disputed, not by the FAA, neither the FBI. So we suppose those numbers are CORRECT. The FBI gave the names of 19 HIJACKERS. They say :
5 of them were onboard flight 11
5 onboard flight 175
5 onboard flight 77
4 onboard flight 93

As I said: Those names were never on any PUBLISHED passengerlist. But of course they must be on the ORIGINAL passenger manifests, as the FBI knows even on which planes they were each.

This means : If we count all the names on the PUBLISHED passengerlists and we add the HIJACKERS onboard of each plane, we get the total numbers (given above) of persons on those planes . I hope you agree.

I started to search on the internet for those passengerlists. Practically all news agencies copied the lists published initially by the Associated Press. This list was updated several times, but it still contained many mistakes, double counting, etc.

But with help of some VICTIM sites, made by the friends of the victims themselves I managed to get all the names.


I can assure you, these lists, are the complete lists . (You can check this . If you see another passengerlist with different names, please type those names on the Google searchmachine and you will find out he or she was on another plane or was a victim in the WTC.)

Now I count :

Flight 93 , 40 persons , plus the number of HIJACKERS given by the FBI, makes 44 persons. This number matches the number above, given by the airlines and the FAA, so this is correct.

Flight 77 , 59 persons , plus the number of HIJACKERS given by the FBI, makes 64 persons. This number matches also, so this is correct.

Flight 175 , 58 persons, plus the number of HIJACKERS given by the FBI, makes 63 persons. This number is not the same as given by the FAA and UA.

Flight 11 , 89 persons, plus the number of HIJACKERS given by the FBI, makes 94 persons. This number TOO is not the same as given by the FAA and AA.

So we have 2 numbers WRONG.
Following the FAA and AA there were 92 people on board flight 11 that crashed into the north tower.
Following the FAA and UA there were 65 people on board flight 175 that crashed into the south tower.



Sincerely Yours, NAME REDACTED

American Airlines Flight 11:

A Boeing 767 en route from Boston to Los Angeles. The plane, carrying 81 passengers, nine flight attendants and two pilots, crashed into a tower of New York's World Trade Center about 8:45 a.m. EDT.

BARBARA ARESTEGUI, 38, Marstons Mills, Mass., flight attendant.
JEFFREY COLLMAN, 41, Novato, Calif., flight attendant.
SARA LOW, 28, Batesville, Ark., flight attendant.
KAREN MARTIN, 40, Danvers, Mass., flight attendant.
TOM McGUINNESS, 42, of Portsmouth, N.H., was co-pilot of American Airlines
Flight 11. Rick DeKoven, administrator at the church, said McGuinness was
married with two teenage children, a boy and girl. He said church pastors
were with his wife when she was notified Tuesday morning. A prayer service
was held for him Tuesday night. DeKoven called him "a devoted family man,"
who was active in his community and church. He was also a former swimmer at
Boston University.
KATHLEEN NICOSCIA, flight attendant.
JOHN OGONOWSKI, 52, of Dracut, Mass., was the captain on American Flight 11.
A former Air Force pilot, Ogonowski had just celebrated his birthday. He
left a wife and three daughters -- Laura, 16; Caroline, 14; Mary Catherine,
11. He was also a farmer who loved the land. His brother Jim Ogonowski said
his 150-acre property would be preserved as open space, as his brother would
have wanted.
BETTY ONG, 45, Andover, Mass., flight attendant.
JEAN ROGER, 24, Longmeadow, Mass., flight attendant.
DIANNE SNYDER, 42, Westport, Mass., flight attendant.
MADELINE SWEENEY, 35, Acton, Mass., flight attendant.

ANNA WILLIAMS ALLISON, 48, Stoneham, Mass., founder A2 Software Solutions
DAVID ANGELL, 54, was executive producer of the NBC television show
"Frasier." He was flying on American Airlines Flight 11 from Boston to Los
Angeles with his wife Lynn, according to Angell's brother, The Most Rev.
Kenneth Angell, bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington, Vt. The
Angells were returning from their summer home in Chatham, Mass., where
Bishop Angell and other relatives had just spent a joyful family wedding
LYNN ANGELL, Pasadena, Calif., David Angell's wife.
MYRA ARONSON, 52, Charlestown, Mass., press and analyst relations manager
CHRISTINE BARBUTO, 32, Brookline, Mass., TJX Co.
BERRY BERENSON, 53, Los Angeles, was an actress and photographer who
appeared in such movies as "Cat People," "Winter Kills" and "Remember My
Name." She was the widow of actor Anthony Perkins and sister of actress
Marisa Berenson. She was on American Airlines Flight 11, returning home from
a Cape Cod vacation. Her spokeswoman, Susan Patricola, called her "one of
the loveliest, greatest people on the Earth." Berenson, whose husband died
in 1992, is survived by two grown sons.
CAROLYN BEUG, 48, Los Angeles.
KELLY BOOMS, 24, Boston, PricewaterhouseCoopers
CAROL BOUCHARD, 43, Warwick, R.I., Kent County Hospital emergency room
NEILIE CASEY, Wellesley, Mass., TJX Co.
JEFFREY COOMBS, 42, Abington, Mass., security analyst for Compaq
TARA CREAMER, 30, of Worcester, Mass., worked at T.J.X.
BRIAN DALE, 43, Warren, N.J., leaves behind a wife and three children.
DAVID DIMEGLIO, Wakefield, Mass.
DONALD DITULLIO, 49, Peabody, Mass., Smith and Nephew
ALEX FILIPOV, 70, Concord, Mass.
CAROL FLYZIK, 40, Plaistow, N.H., medical computer equipment demonstrator
for Meditech
KARLETON D.B. FYFE, 31, of Brookline, Mass., employed by John Hancock.
PETER GAY, 54, Tewksbury, Mass., vice president and general manager,
Raytheon Co. plant.
LINDA GEORGE, 27, Westboro, Mass., TJX Co.
EDMUND GLAZER, 41, Chatsworth, Calif., CFO and vice president of finance and
administration of MRV communications, a manufacturer of optical network
components and systems. He was aboard American Airlines Flight 11. A native
of Zambia born to South African parents, Glazer immigrated to the United
States when he was 17. He is survived by his wife, Candy, and son, Nathan.
LISA FENN GORDENSTEIN, 41, Needham, Mass., TJX Co.
ANDREW CURRY GREEN, 45, Los Angeles, Calf., director of Business
development, eLogic
PAIGE FARLEY HACKEL, 46, Newton, Mass., spiritual counselor
PETER HASHEM, 40, Tewksbury, Mass., salesman
TED HENNESSEY, 35, Belmont, Mass., consultant
CORA HOLLAND, 52, Sudbury, Mass., Sudbury Food Pantry at Our Lady of Fatima
NICHOLAS HUMBER, 60, Newton, Mass., owner of Brae Burn Management
WALEED GEORGES ISKANDAR, 34, London, England, chief of digital strategy for
Europe, Monitor Group
CHARLES JONES, 48, Bedford, Mass., computer programmer
ROBIN KAPLAN, 33, Westboro, Mass., TJX Co.
BARBARA KEATING, 72, Palm Springs, Calif.
DAVID KOVALCIN, 42, Hudson, N.H., Raytheon Co.
JUDY LAROCQUE, 50, Framingham, Mass., founder and CEO of research firm
Market Perspectives
JUDE LARSON, 31, and his wife, Natalie Larson, both of Los Angeles, were
returning from visiting her family near Boston when their plane, American
Flight 11, was hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center. Jude
Larson, the son of Maui artist Curtis Larson, was returning to the
University of California at Los Angeles, where he attended college. His
father, a former U.S. Marine and Vietnam veteran, said the United States
should not take revenge against the terrorists. "It's not going to bring my
son back," he said. "Where does it all stop?" Natalie Larson was a fashion
model whom Curtis Larson described as "spectacularly beautiful."
N. JANIS LASDEN, 46, Peabody, Mass., General Electric
DANIEL JOHN LEE, 34, Los Angeles
DANIEL C. LEWIN, 31, co-founder of Akamai Technologies in Cambridge, Mass.,
was aboard American Flight 11. He also was the company's chief technology
officer and a board member. Lewin is survived by his wife and two sons.
Lewin, who attended graduate school at MIT, became an instant billionaire --
at least on paper -- in October 1999 when Akamai made its Wall Street debut.
SUSAN MACKAY, 44, Westford, Mass., TJX Co.
CHRIS MELLO, 25, Boston, grew up in Rye, N.Y. and graduated from Princeton
University in 1998. He went into finance and was working for Alta
Communications in Boston when he boarded American Airlines Flight 11 on
Tuesday morning. "The loss of our son has changed our lives," said his
mother, Ellen Mello, a lawyer. "He was a tremendous, incredible kid. But I
know there are so many other people who died. If you live in New York, you
know someone who's not there anymore." Mello is also survived by his father,
Douglas, and brother, J.D.
JEFF MLADENIK, 43, Hinsdale, Ill., interim president at E-Logic
LAURA LEE MORABITO, 34, Framingham, Mass., national sales manager for Qantas
MILDRED NAIMAN, Andover, Mass.
RENEE NEWELL, 37, Cranston, R.I., customer service agent at American
JACQUELINE NORTON, 60, Lubec, Maine, retiree
ROBERT NORTON, 82, Lubec, Maine, retiree
JANE ORTH, 49, Haverhill, Mass., retired from Lucent Technology
THOMAS PECORELLI, 31, of Los Angeles, a cameraman with Fox Sports and E!
Entertainment Television, was headed home to his pregnant wife on American
Flight 11. "Tom made everyone laugh," a family statement said.
SONIA MORALES PUOPOLO, 58, lived in Miami for six months out of the year and
in the Boston area the rest of the time, former ballet dancer
DAVID RETIK, Needham, Mass.
PHILIP ROSENZWEIG, Acton, Mass., executive with Sun Microsystems
RICHARD ROSS, 58, Newton, Mass., The Ross Group
JESSICA SACHS, 22, Billerica, accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers
RAHMA SALIE, 28, Boston
HEATHER SMITH, 30, Boston, Beacon Capital Partners
DOUGLAS STONE, 54, Dover, N.H.
MICHAEL THEODORIDIS, 32, Boston, consultant
JAMES TRENTINI, 65, Everett, Mass., retired teacher and assistant principal
MARY TRENTINI, 67, Everett, Mass., retired secretary
PENDYALA VAMSIKRISHNA, 30, Los Angeles, project manager for consulting firm
MARY WAHLSTROM, 75, Kaysville, Utah.
KENNETH WALDIE, 46, Methuen, Mass., Raytheon Co.
JOHN WENCKUS, 46, Torrance, Calif., tax consultant
CANDACE LEE WILLIAMS, 20, Danbury, Conn., student
CHRISTOPHER ZARBA, 47, Hopkinton, Mass., software engineer at Concord

United Airlines Flight 175:

A Boeing 767 bound from Boston to Los Angeles. The plane was carrying 56 passengers, two pilots and seven flight attendants. It crashed into the other tower of the World Trade Center shortly after 9 a.m.

ROBERT FANGMAN, 33, of Claymont, Del. was a flight attendant on United
Flight 175, which crashed into the World Trade Center's south tower. Debbie
Fangman said her brother was a fun-loving man who enjoyed dancing, gourmet
meals, red wine, pinball and dyeing his close-cropped hair. Fangman had
worked for Verizon Wireless before taking a job with United Airlines in
January. "He really found his calling when he joined the airline," said his
mother, Ruth.
MICHAEL HORROCKS, first officer, and a native of Hershey, Pa.
AMY JARRET, 28, North Smithfield, R.I., flight attendant.
AMY KING, 29, Stafford Springs, Conn., flight attendant
KATHRYN LABORIE, flight attendant
AL MARCHAND, 44, Alamogordo, N.M., flight attendant.
VICTOR SARACINI, 51, Lower Makefield Township, Pa., pilot of Flight 175.
MICHAEL TARROU, 28, Stafford Springs, Conn., flight attendant
ALICIA TITUS, 28, San Francisco, flight attendant

ALONA AVRAHAM, 30, Ashdot, Israel
GARNET "ACE" BAILEY, 53, Lynnfield, Mass., of Lynnfield, Mass., was director
of pro scouting for the Los Angeles Kings ice hockey team. Bailey was
entering his 32nd season as a player or scout in the NHL and his eighth as
the director of pro scouting for the Kings. He spent the previous 13 years
as a scout with the Edmonton Oilers, who won five Stanley Cups during that
MARK BAVIS, 31, of West Newton, Mass., a scout for the Los Angeles Kings
professional hockey team, was aboard United Flight 175. Bavis attended
Boston University, where his twin brother, Michael, is an assistant coach
for the school's hockey team. Bavis is survived by his mother and two
GRAHAM BERKELEY, 37, Wellesley, mass., Xerox Corp.
TOURI BOLOURCHI, 69, of Beverly Hills, Calif., a retired nurse born in
Tehran, was a passenger on United Flight 175. She moved to the United States
with her daughters in 1979 following the Islamic revolution. Her husband,
Akbar Bolourchi, joined them two years later by moving his medical practice
to Beverly Hills. Touri Bolourchi, who was fluent in six languages, had
spent two weeks with her daughter and two grandsons in Boston. Her husband
said his wife had not been to Boston for two years because she was afraid of
KLAUS BOTHE, 31, chief of development, BCT Technology AG, Germany
DANIEL BRANDHORST, 42, Los Angeles, Pricewaterhouse lawyer
JOHN CAHILL, Wellesley, Mass.
CHRISTOFFER CARSTANJEN, 33, Turner Falls, Mass., computer research
specialist at University of Massachusetts
JOHN "Jay" CORCORAN, 44, Norwell, Mass., merchant marine
DOROTHY DEARAUJO, 82, Long Beach, Calif.
GLORIA DE BARRERA, 49, El Salvador, exporter
LISA FROST, 22, Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., sales and marketing
associate, recent Boston University graduate
RONALD GAMBOA, 33, his partner Daniel Brandhorst, 42, and their son David
Brandhorst, 3, all of Los Angeles, were aboard United Flight 175 on one of
many family trips. "They did a lot of traveling, they were both
family-oriented," said Gamboa's sister, Jeannie Merwin. Gamboa managed Gap
stores in Los Angeles and Brandhorst was a lawyer.
LYNN GOODCHILD, 25, Attleboro, Mass., Putnam Investments
PETER GOODRICH, 33, Sudbury Mass. Products Manager MKS software
FRANCIS GROGAN, 76, Easton, Mass., priest at Holy Cross Church
CARL HAMMOND, 37, Boston
PETER HANSON, 32, Groton, Mass., software salesman
SUSAN HANSON, 35, Groton, Mass., student
CHRISTINE HANSON, 3, Groton, Mass.
GERALD HARDACRE, a 62-year-old Carlsbad resident, had been visiting his
daughter in Boston. "I have lost my best friend and the city has lost a man
who is productive," Hardacre's brother Larry said. "There's a big hole in a
lot of us and we don't know why this had to happen," he added. Hardacre was
an environmental engineer who helped make San Diego a cleaner, better place
to live. Though his life was taken by a despicable act, his family remains
united. "They have broken our hearts, but they are not going to break our
spirits," promised Hardacre's sister-in-law, Gretchen.
ERIC HARTONO, 20, Portland, OR high school student. He was moving from
Boston to Los Angeles.
JAMES E. HAYDEN, Westford, Mass., chief financial officer of Netegrity Inc.
HERBERT HOMER, Milford, Mass.
ROBERT JALBERT, 61, Swampscott, Mass., salesman
RALPH KERSHAW, 52, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass., marine surveyor
HEINRICH KIMMIG, 43, chairman of BCT Technology AG, Germany.
BRIAN KINNEY, 29, Lowell, Mass., PriceWaterhouse Cooper auditor
ROBERT LEBLANC, 70, Lee, N.H., professor emeritus of geography, University
of New Hampshire.
MACLOVIO "JOE" LOPEZ JR., 41, Norwalk, Calif.
RUTH McCOURT, 45, New London, Conn.
WOLFGANG MENZEL, 60, personnel manager, BCT Technology AG, Germany
SHAWN NASSANEY, 25, Pawtucket, R.I., American Power Conversion
PATRICK QUIGLEY, 40, Wellesley, Mass., partner at PriceWaterhouse Cooper
FREDERICK RIMMELE, Marblehead, Mass., physician.
JAMES M. ROUX, 42, Portland, Maine
JESUS SANCHEZ, 45, Hudson, Mass., off-duty flight attendant.
JANE SIMPKIN, 35, Wayland, Mass.
BRIAN D. SWEENEY, 38, of Barnstable, Mass. Business consultant. Played
football at Boston University.
TIMOTHY WARD, 38, of San Diego; was an information technology project
manager with Rubio's Baja Grill restaurants. His mother, Susane Ward Baker,
lives in La Mesa, California. Baker told 10News in San Diego that her son
had gone to Boston to accompany his girlfriend on a business trip. He
reportedly decided to come home a little early and boarded United Airlines
Flight 175.
WILLIAM WEEMS, Marblehead, Mass., commercial producer.

American Airlines Flight 77:

A Boeing 757 en route from Dulles Airport near Washington to Los Angeles. The plane was carrying 58 passengers, four flight attendants and two pilots. It crashed into the Pentagon about 9:40 a.m.

CAPTAIN CHARLES BURLINGAME, 51, pilot, graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy,
flew fighter planes off the U.S.S. Saratoga.
DAVID CHARLEBOIS, Washington, D.C., first officer
MICHELLE HEIDENBERGER, 57, Chevy Chase, Md., flight attendant.
JENNIFER LEWIS, 38, Culpepper, Va., flight attendant
KENNETH LEWIS, 49, Culpepper, Va., flight attendant
RENEE MAY, 39, Baltimore, Md., flight attendant

DR. PAUL AMBROSE, 32, physician.
YEMEN BETRU, 35, Burbank, Calif., director of medical affairs for hospital
services company IPC
BERNARD BROWN, 11, student, Leckie Elementary School in Washington
SUZANNE CALLEY, 42, San Martin, Calif., employee of Cisco Systems Inc.
WILLIAM CASWELL, 54, Silver Spring, Md., physicist, Navy
SARAH CLARK, 65, Columbia, Md., sixth-grade teacher, Backus Middle School in
ZANDRA COOPER, Annandale, Va.
ASIA COTTOM, 11, student at Backus Elementary School in Washington, D.C.
JAMES DEBEUNEURE, 58, Upper Marlboro, Md., fifth-grade teacher at Ketcham
Elementary School in Washington, D.C.
RODNEY DICKENS, 11, student, Ketcham Elementary School in Washington, D.C.
CHARLES DROZ, 52, Springfield, Va., vice president for software development,
EM Solutions Inc.
BARBARA G. EDWARDS, 58, Las Vegas, school teacher at Palo Verde High School
in Las Vegas
CHARLES S. FALKENBERG, 45, University Park, Md., director of research at
ECOlogic Corp., in Herndon, Va.
DANA FALKENBERG, 3, University Park, Md.
ZOE FALKENBERG, 8, University Park, Md.
JAMES JOE FERGUSON, 39, District of Columbia, education outreach director of
National Geographic Society
WILLIAM "BUD" FLAGG, Millwood, Va., retired Navy admiral and pilot for
American Airlines
DARLENE "DEE" FLAGG, Millwood, Va.
RICHARD P. GABRIEL SR., 54, Great Falls, Va., managing partner, Stratin
IAN GRAY, 55, Washington, D.C., president of healthcare consulting firm
STANLEY HALL, 68, Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., Raytheon Co.
BRYAN JACK, 48, Alexandria, Va., senior executive at Defense Department
STEVEN D. "JAKE" JACOBY, 43, Alexandria, Va., chief operating officer,
Metrocall Inc.
ANN JUDGE, 49, Great Falls, Va., travel officer manager, National Geographic
CHANDLER KELLER, 29, of El Segundo, Calif., was a propulsion engineer for
Boeing Satellite Systems and got married last year. Chandler's parents,
Richard and Kathy, live in Del Mar.
NORMA KHAN, 45, Reston, Va., manager of a nonprofit organization
KAREN A. KINCAID, 40, lawyer with the Washington, D.C. law firm of Wiley
Rein & Fielding.
DONG LEE, 48, Leesburg, Va., engineer, Boeing Inc.
DORA MENCHACA, 45, Santa Monica, Calif., associate director of clinical
research for biotech firm
CHRISTOPHER NEWTON, 38, Arlington, Va., executive, Work Life Benefits
BARBARA OLSON, 45, was the wife of U.S. Solicitor General Theodore Olson.
She was aboard American Flight 77 from Dulles International Airport when it
crashed into the Pentagon. She twice called her husband as the plane was
being hijacked and described some details, including that the attackers were
using knife-like instruments. Barbara Olson was a chief investigator for the
House Government Reform Committee in the mid-1990s. She later became a
lawyer on the staff of Senate Minority Whip Don Nickles, before branching
out on her own as a TV commentator and private lawyer. She was a frequent
critic of the Clinton administration and wrote a book about Hillary Rodham
RUBEN ORNEDO, 39, Los Angeles, Boeing propulsion engineer
ROBERT PENNIGER, a 63-year-old electrical engineer, worked for defense
contractor BAE Systems in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego. Neighbors say that
Penninger and his wife, Janet, loved to take motorcycle trips together. They
have one daughter, Karen. Penninger has worked for BAE Systems in Rancho
Bernardo for the past 11 years.
ROBERT R. PLOGER III, 59, Annandale, Va., software architect, Lockheed
Martin Corp.
LISA RAINES, 42, senior vice president of biotechnology firm
TODD REUBEN, 40, Potomac, Md., Washington tax and business lawyer
JOHN SAMMARTINO, 37, Annandale, Va., technical manager, XonTech Inc.
YANG SHUYIN, Beijing, China
MARI RAE SOPPER, 35, Santa Barbara, Calif., women's gymnastics coash,
UC-Santa Barbara
BOB SPEISMAN, 47, Irvington, N.Y., diamond industry salesman
NORMA LANG STEUERLE, 54, Alexandria, Va.
HILDA TAYLOR, sixth grade teacher at Leckie Elementary School in Washington
LEONARD TAYLOR, 44, Reston, Va., technical group manager, XonTech Inc.
SANDRA TEAGUE, 31, a physical therapist at Georgetown University Hospital in
LESLIE A. WHITTINGTON, 45, University Park, Md., Georgetown University
JOHN YAMNICKY, 71, Waldorf, Md.
VICKI YANCEY, 44, Springfield, Va., employee of defense contractor
ZHENG YUGUAG, Beijing, China

United Airlines Flight 93:

A Boeing 757 en route from Newark, N.J., to San Francisco. The plane was carrying 37 passengers, two pilots and five flight attendants. It crashed southeast of Pittsburgh around 10 a.m.

LORRAINE BAY, Highstown, N.J., flight attendant, United Airlines.
SANDY BRADSHAW, 38, Greensboro, N.C., flight attendant, United Airlines.
JASON DAHL, 43, Denver, captain, United Airlines
WANDA GREEN, 49, Linden, N.J., flight attendant, United Airlines.
LEROY HOMER, 36, Marlton, N.J., first officer, United Airlines.
CEE CEE LYLES, Fort Myers, Fla., flight attendant, United Airlines.
DEBORAH WELSH, 49, New York, N.Y., flight attendant, United Airlines

CHRISTIAN ADAMS, 37, Biebelsheim, Germany, foreign sales manager, German
Wine Fund
TODD BEAMER, 32, Cranbury, N.J., account manager, Oracle Corp.
ALAN BEAVEN, 48, Oakland, Calif., environmental lawyer
MARK BINGHAM, 31, San Francisco, Calif., public relations firm owner
DEORA BODLEY, a 20-year-old Santa Clara college student, grew up in San
Diego and graduated from La Jolla Country Day School. She is remembered as
compassionate and strong-willed young woman. "Diora would stand up for what
she thought was right. She would go against the opinions of others if she
thought she was doing the right thing," Mary Ann Brower of La Jolla Country
Day School told 10News in San Diego.
MARION BRITTON, 53, assistant regional director, U.S. Census Bureau
THOMAS E. BURNETT JR. 38, San Ramon, Calif., was senior vice president and
chief operating officer of Thoratec Corp., a medical research and
development company. He was aboard United Airlines Flight 93 when the plane
crashed southeast of Pittsburgh, the company said. Burnett had been with
Thoratec since 1996.
GEORGINE ROSE CORRIGAN was an antique and collectibles dealer who once owned
a shop at Kilohana Square, Honolulu. She was on the East Coast on a buying
trip for a November collectibles show.
PATRICIA CUSHING,69, Bayonne, NJ, retiree.
EDWARD FELT, 41, Matawan, N.J.
JANE FOLGER,73, Bayonne, NJ, retiree.
COLLEEN FRASER, 51, Elizabeth, N.J., chairwoman, New Jersey Developmental
Disabilities Council
ANDREW GARCIA, 62, Portola Valley, Calif.
JEREMY GLICK, 31, West Milford, N.J.
LAUREN GRANDLOCAS, 38, San Rafael, Calif., sales worker at Good Housekeeping
DONALD F. GREENE, 52, Greenwich, Conn.
LINDA GRONLUND, 46, Warwick, N. Y., environmental compliance, BMW
RICHARD GUADAGNO, 38, of Eureka, Calif., a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
manager at Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge, was on United Flight 93.
He worked for the federal government for 17 years at wildlife reserves in
New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Oregon. Anne Badgley, director of the
agency's Pacific Region, described Guadagno as "one of our finest managers."
He is survived by his parents and a sister.
TOSHIYA KUGE, 20, Tokyo, Japan, student
HILDA MARCIN, 79, Budd Lake., N.J., retired teacher's aide
WALESKA MARTINEZ, 37, automation specialist, U.S. Census Bureau
NICOLE MILLER, 21, San Jose, student, West Valley College
LOUIS J. NACKE, 42, New Hope, Pa., distribution center director, KayBee Toys
JEAN PETERSON, New Jersey, was the daughter of former Armstrong World
Industries Vice President Walter Hoadley.
MARK ROTHENBERG, Scotch Plains, N.J., owner, MDR Global Resources
CHRISTINE SNYDER, 32, Kailua, Hawaii, arboirst, Outdoor Circle
JOHN TALIGNANI, 72, Staten Island, N.Y., retired restaurant worker