This pages displays letters which have been posted on the amalgam mailing list concerning the use of chemical chelators such as : DMPS, DMSA. DMSO, EDTA, etc.

Ray Saarela, a well knows member of this list gives many details here about the risk of these substances.

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Letter no 1

> Date: Monday, November 03, 1997 6:38 PM
> Exactly what are the unfavorable symptoms caused by DMPS that
> we need to be aware of?
> I'm getting my DMPS shot tomorrow.
> Thanks.

Potential damage/problems :

Contraindications are at least asthma and poor sulfoxidation , allergies to sulfa and thiol drugs ...

1. reduced creatinine clearance/kidney damage/kidney autoimmunities

2. Stomach problems, like ulcers, irritation of stomach linings, appreance of both whitis and red patches in the stomach and intestinal lumen post DMPS shot, esophagial problems and potential reflux after massive doses of mercury could get dumped to the Intestinal Tract from oral tissues, of course this is for those with high oral mercury levels, perhaps even remaining fillings left in their mouth ... Even Original Russian Unitiol insert slip contained this ( Russians invented DMPS ) warning, while US, German and other manufacturers and apothacarians have comfortably forgotten such information from the slips they hand out ...

3. Immunological/Allergic/ skin/organ reactions ( red patches and itching ), autoimmunties of thyroid, nerves, liver, pancreas, kidneys, bone-marrow etc. and appreacance of autoreactive T-cells ( with me, from normal ( less than 10 % ) shot up to 80 % with chelation ... As well as immediately post DMPS massive raise in T-Supressor counts in body's attempt to "muffle" the DMPS-triggered autoreactive T4's ... Immunostructural damage due to DMPS thiol->protein disulfide interactions, DMPS-triggered complement 3b ( S-S ester cleavage etc ) ... Elevated immunoglobulins

4. Liver/Metabotoxic reactions due to inability to metabolize propane, sulfonates ...

5. etc etc etc.

In terms of personal experience post DMPS as in symptoms :

  • Severe weight loss
  • 3 month long diarrhea
  • pancreas damage, elevated urine amylase, low blood amylase, low lipase
  • esophageal reflux, intestinal and stomach ulcers etc
  • Kidney damage ( CC down from 140 to 62 ... protein leakage from 0 to 500 mg/l )
  • Liver damage ( elevated enzymes, and depleted glutathione pool , DMPS takes plenty GSH to metabolize, in addition to folate, b6, molybdenum, b12 etc )
  • immune supression and following fungal and bacterial infections due to massive T-supressors triggering and massive lowering in neutrophil numbers
  • autoimmunities ( known thiol-drug side-effect )
  • cramped muscles due to calcium, magnesium and zinc etc "good" mineral depletion
  • sensitivity to sounds and light due to magnesium depletion
  • messed up sense of balance
  • and numerous other smaller but equally nasty problems as well for starters.

Test parameters to test before/after DMPS for side-effects :

  1. Creatinine Clearance, urine albumin and protein levels
  2. Urine and blood amylase, protease and lipase, fecal fats
  3. Gastroscopy
  4. Liver function/glutathione/sulfation
  5. Neutrophil count ( decreases massively )
  6. T4/T8-count and ratio, CD26/Ta1 autoreactivity panel
  7. C3/C4-counts
  8. Immunoglobulin levels
  9. Autoimmune neural myelin sheath antimyelin IgM
  10. AntiThyroid ab's
  11. AntiLiver ab's
  12. antiKidney ab's ( brush membrane, tubular ... )
  13. magnesium, zinc, chromium levels
  14. Nerve Conduction studies
  15. Balance test
    etc etc etc.
That is just a little starter what can go wrong with DMPS and what to monitor at least.

IMPO, DMPS should never be the first choice of chelation, and even less so as an IV. Orally in small doses like 100 mg max I have told that I might accept it, keeping the backfire risks down. IV DMPS has so sad side-effect profile and in any case, it is just plain playing with fire, when most of the physicians administering it STILL DO NOT DO THEIR homework well enuff.

All I can say is that I hope you belong to the lucky 80 % that do not get damaged bad ( those with good sulfoxidation, strong mineral storages, no sulfa-allergies, stomach made of steel, low poisoning levels ( little redistribution effects ) and good B6/folate/b12 status ...

Very Good Luck, Ray


Letter no 2

> Hi-
> At any rate, my doctor
> wants to try EDTA for a challenge with a baseline urine analysis and a
> collection after the EDTA because of my lead being high. >

EDTA is not anymore a first choice for mercury mobilisation test. Especially Ph.D Haleys Mercury-EDTA tubulin inhibition abstract should makeyou think your physician is propably just ismply "behind".

EDTA works for lead, but is not specific to mercury and methylmercury like DMSA or DMPS are. DMSA is however propably a little safer especially orally in moderate dose over DMPS.

> Am I wrong to think that I would be better served to use DMSA as a > challenge and observe the mercury and lead? It is my understanding > that DMSA was developed for lead chelation and also works well with > mercury. So why not use this. What is the least of all evils? >

No. Ph.D Aposhian states in his video that DMSA is one of the 2 primary choices. EDTA or BAL are not due to even much worse side-effect profiles than DMSA or DMPS.

I would personally opt for DMSA, and to me personally, EDTA and DMPSA are both very unsuitable, and EDTA is even just plain unspecific also,

Related to LD50, DMSA is the safest. That is all that can be said safely at least.

If you are good sulfoxidizer and have no sulfa-intolerance, perhaps DMPS could work, but taking any of the chemicals for challenge must be your own choice. I would recommend oral low-dose tolerance testing protocol if you choose either of the DMSA or DMPS, and I would just plain not do the EDTA at all. It is a dinosaur, I am afraid. 1930's anti-nerve-gas antidote is no more so cool.

Ray S.


Letter no 3

Oral EDTA was shown in one abstract to increase mercury intake from the gut, so it is not recommendable orally, and also Ph.D Boyd Haleys brain-tubulin damage due to EDTA-Hg complexes further suggests that EDTA is not a good choice. I tried EDTA myself unfortunately in 1992 and I personally think it is poor chelator for mercury, and even researchers like Aposhian do not recommend it for mercury chelation.

DMSA is perhaps the better choice today, not totally safe always for everyone, but propably safer than DMPS and definitely much safer than EDTA ...

Ray S.


Letter no. 4

Perhaps you were not very poisoned to start with. Some people have experienced serious digestive and neural disturbances and serious neutropenia from DMSA, leading to quite heavy candidiasis after DMSA, I have a letter personally from one lady it happened, and at least one Swedish man suffered from both DMPS and DMSA similarly, and while DMSA is much safer for me than DMPS, it still did cause me lower and lower counts of neutropenia and increasing fungal trouble and infections for sure, in addition to the H2S exposures from poorly managed property plumbing system. Basically thiols can have trouble on people, they are so reactive compounds that there is NO REASON to start from 2400 mg per day levels, while one can test ones tolerance taking just 100 mg first time, wait 7-14 days, then try with 250 mg a day and wait again and so on until a safe and hopefully effective dosage is gradually safe built up. In no things there is no need to have ON/OFF 0/1 deals, as we have sliding dynamics and brains to use, why not take it slow and safe,start from 0.1, then 0.25, 0.5 x dosafe and so on, whatever makes sense and is safe ... Why not : Let's Walk Slow and we ..... 'em all ...

Ray S.


Letter no. 5

I would say that itching and swollen hands is rather a reaction to the DMSA than action of DMSA.
DMSA does not cause me any itches or swollen hands, even in fairly high doses ( 250 mg orally ) while just 50 mg of DMPS causes me seriosly swollen red face, itching, pain all-over in kidneys, everywhere, and just the smell of the drug makes me sicker than dog these days ...
I have met people that can tolerate DMPS and backfire from DMSA, I have corresponded with people that tolerate DMSA and backfire from DMPS, I have corresponded with people that tolerate both, and I have met people that backfire from both.
Based on my experiences and literature studies and studying people's reactions to chelators, red itchy skin, swollen faces, hands etc,. are definitely most propably reaction to DMSA, metabolic or immunological intolerance to it, rather than ACTION of cleansing.
Those people who toleate DMSA ok have not developed any itches or swollen body areas ...
Excreting is something one has to do every day to stay alive, otherwise one will bloat and explode eventually ...
However, there are better ways, better times and better doses to do things right on individual cases, there is no standard patent drug or dose that works the same on each and every individual ...
So, I would say please keep on safin', the excretion happens even at lower rates, as long as it is done safely. Hasty trials on excretion with too high mega doses can cost much more to ones health than taking it a little easier/slower and using the brain to find the right doses and right agents to do the excretions ... If one has to drive to a wall, it is much safer to do it at 1 mile per hour first time than at 100 miles per hour, however, the latter may work for some to stop the suffering earlier ...

Ray S.


letter no. 6

The problem is that one does not know beforehand which one one is gonna be , lucky or unlucky ... It is like playing Russian/Chinese Roulette ( DMPS/DMSA ).

However, if one does check one's tolerance beforehand, like I always advocate, by

1. Screening for poor sulfoxidation ( Great Smokies/Metametrix/ Sulfite test sticks )

2. Screening for previous intolerance to sulfa-antibiotics, sulfites, acesulfame, saccharin, Azo-dyes etc.

3. If one does not have 1 and 2, then one could try a TOLERANCE test, by taking 50-100 mg DMSA or DMPS orally and waiting 1-2 weeks for side-effects, before committing to higher doses.

If 1 & 2 & 3 are passed with no problems, then one could gradually cautiosly raise the dose, in case side-effects do not happen ...

Of course with chelators one should monitor for neutropenia, lowered kidney creatinine clerance, proteinuria ( albuminuria ) , kidney enzyme elevations, autoimmune antibodies, and look for signs of damage digestive function, moniliasis etc.

The quite great amount and frequency of side-effects for DMSA is listed in PDR, and according to Ph.D Aposhian DMPS has very similar side-effects, when in my experience talking with many chelated, DMPS has even more and more serious side-effects than DMSA, neither are safe as water and should be handled at least as carefully as potent chemotherapeuts.


At least depletion of magnesium, manganese, chromium and zinc are very problematic effects of both DMSA and DMPS, and EDTA is even worse. One needs to replenish those in worst case for years, after just one or few chelation shots ...

I personally like somewhat safer chelation with substances like Liquid Kyolic, Cabbage,Rutin, NAC, E-vitamin, Zinc, B-complex-vitamins and supporting liver also with Glycine, Glucuronic acid, Phosphates, magnesium sulfate, and especially paying attention for the intestinal flora and digestion, perhaps taking enzymes like papain and bromelain might not hurt either ... I do absolutely support chelation as an idea, I just do not support the way it is administered currently, without enough understanding and pre-screening. I am personally working towards establishing some safety standards, but it seems that it takes years for the ideas to propagate, but I do my best to progress the safety ideas, and progress research in relation to reducing the side-effects.


However, there is no proof that ANYONE has EVER done good job removing mercury, like the German abstract showed a man who had been chelated for over a year who still got cancer later and when he died and was autopsied, was found to have massive mercury residues everywhere, even when it was thought good job had been done removing his mercury with chelation for long period of time ...

It is true people get hung on removing mercury at ANY cost, which is a very obvious need.
However, people run hastily to take dangerous doses of drugs that have not been proven safe and effective treating chronic mercury poisoning. First and Foremost, DMSA or DMPS neither remove intracellular mercury, and they are very uneffective ( regular DMSA removes max 5-10 % of brain and liver load when the DMSA-ester removed over 90 %, the latter is just not available ... )
Secondly, current fairly ineffective old dinosaur chelators are still fairly toxic, and can produce a havoc in people intolerant to the chelators ... Third, there are many chelators like BAL ( from which DMPS is a version of ) that did remove mercury, but it caused horrible side-effects and often left the patient more damage even after increased mercury excretion. Mercury excretion in chronic cases is so complex and difficult that current crop of dinosaur chelators are risky business, and blindly running for max doses with minimal pre-screening for potential side-effect potential is not very smart. One needs to spend a little more time and money doing the pre-requisites for safe chelation first.
Chelation is necessary, but it needs to be done slow, rather with natural safer compounds, nutrition, and if drugs are used, extreme care and caution need to be used so that one does not unnecessarily backfire.


In my opinion stopping further poisoning by careful safe amalgam removal is the most important thing, and with most people, they can regain some or most of their functionality within 1-10 years from the removal with or without nutritional, medical or other struggles ...

The main thing is to keep on fighting, and stop further exposures at least, and trying to cleanse the oral cavity and GI-track from as much mercury as possible, that is all one can do pretty much.

Ray S.


Letter no. 7

From Bernie Windham

Thank you for your response. I received 3 treatments of DMPS according to a protocol of a group using DMPS in conjuction with an FDA study. I also had 3 Vitamin C IV treatments(with minerals) which appears to remove about as much mercury as DMPS, only from liver/intestinal tract mostly. I was down to 6 micrograms on my last challange test. I also have been taking homeopathics and oral chelators/supplements for about 2 years, since I started having amalgams removed.
The only chelation problems I have had were extreme fatigue after all 3 DMPS treatments, and stomach problems for about a month after the 3rd DMPS treatment. That seems better now. The Vitamin C/ mineral IV a day after the DMPS boosted my energy and reduced fatigue.
I had my amalgam fillings out over a period of about a year using 4 different dentists, the first ones of which I was not entirely happy with re knowledge, protectin, results. Some of their composite fillings did not last long. The later ones seem better. I had several crowns with amalgam under them, resulting in a lot of amalgam tatoos which I had surgically removed recently.
I've taken a lot of supplements and homeopathics, but don't have a good feel for whether they helped or how much. If they are effective, it is a gradual effect. Do you have or know of experience regarding effectiveness of such?
Something has helped. My mercury level is down(though I may have started with less than some of you) and several health problems are improved. Allergies gone, brain fog and fatigue less, serious eye problmem apparently much better.
I am now considering whether to do another DMPS like my chelator advises, or to do DMSA or just stick to oral chelators/ homeopathics for a while. My chelator says Boyd Haley at Univ. of Kentucky has found serious problem with EDTA and mercury on brain and says not to do EDTA before getting below 1 microgram. Likewise he said there was some problem with DMSA, maybe liver damage or something. There seems to be a lot of disagreement about what works best and what is dangerous. I talk to lots of people and no consensus.

Bernie Windham


letter no. 8

Hi Bernie and Lynn,
according to Daunderer metals after DMPS are excreted in this order:

  • zinc
  • zin
  • copper
  • arsenic
  • mercury
  • lead
  • iron
  • cadmium
  • nickel
  • chrom

> I was told by my chelation Doctor >that the metals come out in groups, >with some not coming out until after >others that the chelator has stronger >attraction to go first. However, I >have forgottent the order in which they >come out.


Letter no. 9

Stephen B. Edelson's, (M.D., F.A.A.F.P., F.A.A.E.M.)

page at is very pro DMSO.

Too bad he does not have a eMail address ...

I believe that the DMPS Chelator is derived from DMSO via H2O2.

Cell membrane and Blood Brain Barrier issues are of concern with DMSO, DMPS, DMSA, and maybe EDTA as well ...

They have a tendency to equally redistribute any of the Mercury (and/or other Heavy metals) they may pick up, so ... while you may relieve some symptoms, you may aggravate other symptoms ... Some MDs do an IV-C 24-Hours later to pull the chelators out of the blood for excretion ...

Someone correct me if you have a different perspective,


===================== Letter no. 10

> Hello. I also want more information on DMSA. Especially from Hg who has > taken it a while ago I think. > I have 3,000mg of DMSA in 100mg capsules, to be taken over two five day > periods with a two week break between. This schedule was recommended by Dr > Levenson here in the UK. During this break I am to take potassium citrate > to clear kidneys. >

Potassium Citrate is for pH adjustment, as if your kidneys get too acidic, the mercury-DMSA chelate could break down and it could drop it's load to kidney sulfhydryl-proteins, this actually happens to many, therefore the discussion of kidney side-effects in DMSA product manuals like Chemet, however, they forget to mention that, it is only found after deep digging to DMSA/DMPS kinetics in humans/animals ....
Most mercury poisoned already suffer from overacidity of urine, and taking DMPS or DMSA when pH is below 7 is unwise, causing serious kidney side-effect/damage risk, and the more acidic one is, and the more one takes, and the more poisoned one is, the bigger the risk ...
Unfortunately way too many physicians have not studied this and then all they can do is to drop the stuff on patients' hands and wish/pray the lord they won't get sued for it ... And unfortunately in my opinion a little too often people get side-effects that could be avoided trough professional competence in chelation administration, but that just not happen, does it ? Biochemistry competence happens to be the missing link in rougly about 99 cases out of 100 physicians administering DMPS/DMSA or so ...


> I have been researching DMSA over the last two months and am almost ready > to take it the slow way.

Most agreeable. Also, zinc and nac or gsh plus B-vitamin supplementation and liver support with perhaps Milk Thistle may be very adviceable, as DMSA needs GSH or NAC to metabolize out as disulfide-bound DMSA-GSH or DMSA-NAC ... If replacement NAC/GSH is not taken, DMSA as well as DMPS ( 3-4 times more than DMSA ) consume Glutathione which is important, important ...

> I am slowly gathering strength after incapacitating symptoms and do not > want to trigger anything big . I am down from five to three coffee enemas > a day (Gerson detox diet) and relish each moment of hard won > energy.Supplements are Glutathione, Chlorella, B complex, Vit E, Selenium, > Vit C, Milk Thistle, NAC,

DMSA in small oral doses may be ok, however, please monitor for low neutrophil count after the intake, and for lowered kidney creatitine clearance, as well as for increased protein leakage etc. issues that DMSA as well as DMPS is known to trigger, as well as autoimmune panel of thyroid, kidney liver etc, autoantibodies and autoreactive T-cell test and T-supressor test may be in order as monitoring tests ... ( Saying this from my own experience and research into dozens of DMPS and DMSA recipients that experienced side-effects ... )

> Humet-R (rebalances minerals and chelates heavy metals -some controversy > about the humic acids that Im trying to find out more about) Co Enzyme Q > 10, Potassium salts and Lugols solution. Was about to add methionine until > I read a warning from Hg. Any more info? >

Methionine is not advisable as it could elevate homocysteine levels as mercury could replace the methyl-group in the methionine and bind to the 2 x homocysteine SH-group, and then the resulting homocystIne-mercury complex, very similar to gs-hg-sg or nacS-Hg-SNac complexes that can be excreted easily, unfortunately homocyS-hg-Shomocys can not, and it will accumulate to the veins and arterial walls resutling in massive cardiovascular disease ... Those who have seen the videos from Minamata victims and Japanese test-animals know what I mean ...

I would encourage taking folate and B6 at least to prevent this a little bit, additionally, NAC can reduce homocystine levels up to 50 % obviosly trough providing a "decoy" target for mercury instead methionine ...

For heart-disease risk, taking NAC/GSH, B6 and folate is very vise perhaps ...

Taking methionine when mercury poisoned would not be smart in my opinion ... Unless you love to make your veins and arteries stuffed with the bad stuff ...

> So I am busy, as we all are who work on this health thing. Last segment of > amalgams removed in July and this is the first time I am noticing ENERGY > returning. Feel like a run down old battery recharging. >

Then you may not need any chelation, no need to take any risks in that case. You are not too severely poisoned if you are already noticing ENERGY returning. Truly badly poisoned won't get that lucky in less than 5-10 years minimum, some never ...

You might get ok with just adding cabbage, mung beans, kyolic liquid garlic, glutathione and nac into your diet, in addition to the good vitamin program you are following ...

Zinc is also very important to recharge the battery ...

Ray S.


Letter 11

In your email you mentioned that other case where the person was getting IvIg treatments. I am not certain what the person is referring to, so I would like to know what the symbol stands for.

I can tell you that ANY person who haphazardly gives DMPS risks very serious consequences. I have told you that more than once. This is why I keep insisting on giving the patient a vitamin/mineral drip after the IV DMPS was given. It was done PRECISELY to AVOID hurting the kidneys. To date I have given DMPS to DOZENS of people. NEVER have I had a SINGLE case where I harmed the kidneys. So while the other communicator may have had a bad experience, I would be slow to be concerned. I would however HEED THE WARNING that DMPS can be HARMFUL if used HAPHAZARDLY. You also need to CAREFULLY CONSIDER THE SOURCE OF THE WARMING ABOUT DMPS. There is a known group of men from Sacandinavie (I notice that this one is from Norway) who had a problem with DMPS. In the cases reviewed it was noted that they were given FAR TOO MUCH DMPS, AND they happened to be SELENIUM DEFICIENT. This makes a HUGE difference!!!!!

Bernie Windhamís chelation docter


Letter 12 :

I know from personal experience with IV's of DMPS to chelate mercury that this technique can induce a temporary diabetes insipidus, resulting in more than three liters of urine in 24 hours.....presumably this results from impairing the hypothalamus/pituitary feedback involved in the production of diuretic hormone.

DMPS halved my TSH levels chronically. I had 1.6 = normal before DMPS-shot, and it dropped my TSH to 0.7 which is a bit too low, and BTW, it has never recovered.Most of the damage DMPS caused never recovered so far, nothing temporary there.

Regards, R.


List messages concerning DMPS - challenge test
These happen with smaller amounts of DMPS but can just as well be harmfull :

------- Can you - again - in short describe pro's and con's of such a DMPS challenge test (cause that what is meant in this newsletter I assume) ?

Pro's are that they can show how massive recent expsoure kidneys had lately, which is sometimes massive.

Con's are from getting mildly worse to permanently disabled and damaged from the DMPS-injecting, including kidney damage, pancreatic damage, liver damage, increased neural mercury, and impaired digestion, especially impaired fatty digestion, asthmatic attacks, fatique, difficulty to breathe, with copper-poisoned, febrile neutropenia, oxidative cellular damage in tissues rich with copper that DMPS has reach into, loss of molyhdenum and folate leading to worsened sulfoxidation and sensitivity to other sulfur molecules and foods, H2S gassing, allergic skin reactions with red skin patches, bloating of face and other organs ( Danish man in Odense got his "tools" red and bloated ! from DMPS used for lead poisoning ) , triggering of multiple chemical sensitivities due to impairing function of many mono-oxidase enzymes such as aldehyde oxidase and sulfite oxidase, due to the folate and moly depletion, resulting in sensitivity to sulfur foods, parfumes, etc. Low white cell counts as in Neutropenia are possible, autoimmunities and autoreactive T-cells as in CD26/Ta1 up, neural antimyelin and ganglioside antibodies supporting the motor-neural mercury intake increase proven in Australian abstracts, the Wilson's, copper-poisoned worsening was supported both in Norwegian and British studies, DMPS also has been proven to cause hypoglycemia ( aldose reductase inhibition ).

I can give you deeper work-up from my gathered side-effect messages and related literatyre privately, in case you have a need to post some message or page on the web related to the topic.

My oral "start-low-dose-ramp-up-slow" safety/tolerance protocol, pre-screening for asthma, poor sulfoxidation, sulfa-intolerance, impaired respiration, high copper levels/wilsons, and monitoring of several metabolic amd immunological values while taking the DMPS at low oral doses I have educated people since 1991, can reduce the DMPS-injection = Challenge test caused problems and damages drastically.

What are the dangers and - if possible to give a percentage - with how many people ( % of amalgam poisoned ) would such dangerous effects be possible ?

5-10 % is a percentage of those who can get worse based on statistics I have gathered, both from literature and interviewing people who have been injected and who got worse and comparing it to the total number of injected in some chelation studies I know total amount of injected compared to those who got worse. In Swedish study, 5 % got severely worse, majority did not experience much anything, and another minority experience minor improments.

In Finn study, many got worse, around similar 5 % at the time I did the sampling of worsened ( 70 had been shot, total 4 had gotten definitely worse enough to contact me after my 1992 DMPS injection warning magazine article, so more could have worsened, only those worsened enough and who read the article, contacted me, so the percentage could as well be 10 % or more, as far as I can tell ... )

In I have gathered most DMPS worsened of the total so far, and without knowing how many total were injected to find those people, I can not say percentages of US worsened, whether it is 3 or 5 or 10 or what. Most of the people I have reached in US have been trough a chelation safety home page link I have, few trough amalgam list, so surely if I reached out more, I would find more, as so far, the "backfired" have found me, not me them actively, which suggests there are plenty more of the worsened who have not found or attempted to find me.

Please all info in this test and your thoughts, is it much less dangerous then any regular intake of DMPS and how much DMPS is normally used in these kind of tests ?
Thank you

Challenge test with IV-DMPS as well as injections treatments with the same are much more dangerous than regular intake of small oral doses of DMPS
I have recommended instead of the shots since 1991.

250-300 mg IV is the typical challenge test dose, which equals at least 800+ mg oral dose, and the peak value it produces instantly to the blood equal 1500-2000 mg oral DMPS to produce similar instant peak values, as oral DMPS has according to literature, 30 % absorption, and as it absorbs much slower trough gi, the DMPS-shots with 250-300 mg are really dangerous for those who get sick from DMPS regardless whether they have mercury or not.

The worsened/backfired have common the similar symptoms the DMPS caused, with wildly varying mercury levels, some had practically nor mercury, some had massively mercury, so it appears the worsening and type of symptoms/ damage produced is from the DMPS itself mostly, not necessarily the the mercury it mobilizes.

----------- Message number 2 :

Andy wrote:
Con: The chance of dying from taking the test is maybe 1/2%.

I'm familiar with a lot of cases of such tests by several doctors and while I do believe the test can be dangerous(especially for those who still have amalgams)( Dit is precies wat in het artikel van het blad "Medicina" aangeboden wordt, dus weest u extra voorzichtig met dit soort aanbiedingen - Amalgaam Informatie Site Nederland)

I believe that this percentage is overstated.
Among the 3 doctors I'm familiar with there have been no deaths and I haven't heard of many in general. There do appear to have been many cases of serious side effects.

I also think the diagnostic value of the test is more useful than you do.

Hg excretion during the test does appear to be significantly proportional to body burden(mostly in kidneys). Personally if I was going to recommend a challange test I would recommend using DMSA because it appears to be safer and accomplishes the same goal(although excretion levels are generally less), and would reccommend following safety protocols. But I think there are other tests for those who still have amalgams such as stool test, saliva test, porphyrin test, etc. that are equally useful in diagnosis without any risk.


If you want more info on chemical chelators one way is to look into the archives of the amalgam mailing list, there are many more messages giving info on these substances.


Letter from Ray Saarela to international amalgam mailing list.
Subject: Re: Unsafe and dangerous Mercola mercury detox protocol ... 9. DMPS injections and suppos ... 10. Preserve your place in the local disability home
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 16:42:03 -0700

++++++ Mercury Poisoning from Dental Amalgam ++++++

> 9. Start Monthly DMPS Injections or Suppositories > You should not have DMPS if you still have amalgam fillings. If they have >been removed the injections can be started on a monthly basis.

No, they can not. Numerous people who have had amalgams removed years yearlier, have gotten permanently damaged from DMPS, in spite of no amalgams when the injections were started.

Mercola appears to be totally resistant to the facts that DMPS can frequently ( up to 30 % ) cause dangerous SJS, which has up to 15 % mortality. ( SJS = stevens johnsons syndrome).

> Collection of >the urine is then down to analyze how much mercury is being excreted. One >must urinate completely prior to the injection.

Yes, however urination after injection gets difficult with many, as the dmps injection often damages the kidneys, and it can be seen as elevated NAG test value, drastically elevated urinary protein and albumin leakage, lowered urinary volume, specific gravity and creatinine, and elevated blood creatinine, and therefore, drastically reduced creatinine clearance.

> I perform the analysis at 90 minutes as that is most convenient, but >others do four or 24 hour collections.

Convenient to the docs, very damaging and risky to the patients.

> The DMPS injections are generally >given about six times or until the level drops into single digits or you are >feeling better.

= six times in most cases, as usually, most people start backfiring at least by the sixth shot ... some tolerate up to 6-7, some get permanently damaged even from the first one.

> For pediatric patients > You can click here to find out why I don't recommend DMSA mercury >chelation. Since an IV is such a traumatic event for most children it is >probably wise to use a rectal suppository version of DMPS which is > available from most compounding pharmacists.

It is totally insane to recommend dangerous DMPS injections to pediatric patients, unless it is a case of severe life-threatening acute poisoning where the patient would die unless something is tried and fast, but in chronic low-level poisonings, it is unforgivable to risk, especially, a pediatric patient = someone's beloved child with something as dangerous as DMPS injections.

> The dose is 5 mg of DMPS per kg of body weight and is generally given >once a month. The urine collection for pediatric patients incorporates a bag >to collect the urine for mecury analysis.

I had little over 5 mg per kg, and am permanently damaged from DMPS injection, and so are many others. Collect your wishes and plans in the bag, as they may be rendered useless after the injections such as Mercola gives, damage you for good. Throw the bag away, as opening it will make you feel sorry for yourself about how idiotic you were to listen to these DMPS injectors.

> CAUTION: It is very important to NEVER receive DMPS injections when you >still have mercury fillings in your mouth. DMPS is capable of removing the >mercury from the fillings and causing severe complications.

Caution, if you want to play it safe, it is important to NEVER receive a DMPS injection, period, for low dose chronic mercury poisonings, as DMPS injections are not INDICATED for such, only low dose oral usage, after PROPER safety protocol has been gone trough, and Mercola does not have or offer one. Just injections that are always risky if no safety protocol has been performed.

Please visit and realise from the patient stories how many have gotten sick already from these injections.

DMPS is not safer than DMSA or LA in majority of cases, yet, it does not mean than LA or DMSA would be 100 % safe, they are not, either. It is just sad how Mercole tries to recapture some lost DMPS market, by very desperate attempt by grossly denying all the damage that DMPS injections have produced over the last decade globally. ....

10. Preserve yourself and/or child place in the disability home, as the shots may make you permanently disabled ...

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