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From the international Amalgam Mailing list :
I translated following  some sections from the
Finnish mercury/heavy
nutrition/treatment  book by MD H. Osman, here
is first section, I may
later find energy to translate some small
additional sections ...
I think I did it partially some time ago, but
I think this information may
remain so important that it needs to be redone
anyways, regarldless
of some tautology ...
The book ISBN is 952-90-1682-4,
Sivistystaudit!, Raskasmetallit, hivenaineet
ja vitamiinit ( in Finn )
Translated roughly :
"Modern Civilisation dieases, heavy metals,
minerals and vitamins " or so.

This MD mostly treats mercury poisoned,
aluminum poisoned, thallium
( rat poison ) poisoned, etc. and other people
suffering from chronic
diseases that can be treated with nutritional

The need for stomach acids :
Dr. Osman writes :

" I once heard  a doctor who lectured about
nutrition to
  say that the stomach hydrochlorid acid is so
  that all this acid reducing products should
be banned
  by law. Too small amount of HCL prevents
  proteins, absorption of C-vitamin, promotes
  of B-vitamins, and prevents absorption and
entrance of
  minerals to the bloodstream so bad, that it
could can
  cause anemia and osteoporosis. One doctor
wrote in
  a medical journal of a woman, who had been
  ill and depressed for 17 years. The woman
had visited
  numerous doctors, who had all found out that
she suffered
  from deficiency of various B-vitamins, and
so all those
  physicians had prescribed her various kinds
of B-vitamin
  complexes. However, none of those helped
  When finally she was prescribed hydrocloric
acid with each
  meal, she recovered fast and dramatically in
few weeks, and
  stayed healthy ever since. My friend,
ortopedist Leo Lauttamus
  told me once that he had had all of his
patients' stomach acidity
  tested, and had found ALL to have
deficiencies of stomach acid.
  He has suggested all of them to take
teaspoon worth of 10 % HCL
  mixed in glass of kefir with each meal.
Without this additional
  hydrochlorid acid, so little calcium was
absorbed, that healing of
  broken bones after surgery was slow or
  If the HCL is not sucked with a straw, and
mouth not flushed immediately,
  the acid could damage teeth. Therefore,
doctors most often suggest
  taking glutamic acid HCL capsules. This
specialist told, however, that
  at least 4-5 capsules are needed at a time,
before the patients get enough
  HCL. Patient often do not take enough
capsules to get the amount equal
  to the 1 teaspoon of 10 % HCL that is
required for faster healing.
  The lack of stomach acid could come from
deficiency of A, B1,B2 and B6
  vitamins and/or deficiency of pantothenic
acid, niacin amide, choline and
  other B-vitamins. In this case, in addition
to HCL deficiency patients will
  also suffer from digestive enzyme
deficiencies, and also the stomach does
  not move enough to mix the food with
  Patients who where found to be deficient in
pantothenic acid, were also found
  to have deficiency of HCL, pepsin, enzymes
and deficiency of stomach and
  intestinal motility. Their healing needed 3
weeks of very high doses or pantothenate
  added to their diet. When digesting is
worse, especially during disease, HCL
  capsules or liquid are needed as temporary
support. Healing can not be expected
  if digestion and absorption of food is not
efficient. If diet is kept suitable, the
  production of HCL normalizes in 3-4 weeks,
and supplements can be discontinued
  after that in most cases. "

Additionally, Dr. Osman talks about that
infected gums and tender/cut oral mucosa
are most often due to bacteria fermenting the
poorly digested food in the intestines,
and that B6 vitamin and acidophilus youghurt
for example is very often very powerful
in reducing such gassing for many people., and
helping to heal the oral problems,
if digestion is also improved with the above
stomach acids and enzymes and B-vitamins
etc. He states that often 4-5 capsules of
enzymes are needed per meal and 1-2 per
snack up to the month just like the HCL before
normalisation will happen. Furthermore,
he discusses of the intestinal motility and
pantothenate, but mentions also that K,
Potassium ( Kalium EU ) and B1 one are also
very important for the intestinal motility.
To repair the bad bacterial flora, he sees
plain acidophilus youghurt the best, and
mentions that if the bad fermenting flora is
allowed to grow freely, it will produce
*histamine*, which causes *allergies*, and
releases so high amount of ammonia, that
it irritates ALL intestinal mucosa's. When
this ammonia absorb into the bloodrstream
>from the intestines, it will cause
nausea,even vomiting, reduced appetite and
other signs of ammonia poisoning. ( Ray would like
to add that quite many mercury poisoned
suffer from high BUN and ammonia levels ... ).
Because youghurt, kefir and acidophilus
piima ( finnish drink ) and their root kill
fermenting bacteria, should these be used
during almost any disease. Some people possess
bacterial flora that produces enzymes
that destroy B1-vitamin. That is very typical
with people who suffer from constipation.
People, who eat raw fish ( sushi ) and
shellfish etc., which contains this same
B1-destroying enzyme suffer from B1 deficiency ( of any
interest to Chris/Sam ? ). This enzyme can
however be destroyed with acidophilus products
He adds about burping and gas problems :
In his opinion, most common digestive symptom
is intestinal gas formation.
Most often this is due to the poorly digested
food that the fermenting bacteria
attacks on and produces the gas. He states
that if one suffers from gas due
to fermenation, only answers are in the
stomach acids, enzyme and vitamin
supplementation. He additionally mentions that
also Magnesium deficiency can
cause poor intestinal motility, in addition to
the ones mentioned earlier.
One more perhaps important piece of
information ( to be added to the Hg-Ring
home-page information perhaps ? ) is that B6
deficiency is often found in people
who suffer from bleeding rectal hemorrhoids.
Those can be cured with enough
active form of B6-vitamin. This was found to
be so especially in women, and
especially in pregnant women. It is added that
of the hemorrhoids have to be
removed with surgery, extreme concentration
should be paid to the prevention
of the scarring of the tissue. This kind of
scar tissue could cause serious problems
years later.  ( Me, Ray, wants to add that I
know that many mercury poisoned suffer
from recurrent hemorrhoids, even myself
sometimes, and it seems that we should
never opt for the surgeries if we have other
options like this B6 vitamin information .. )