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  1. Bernie Windham, Chemical Engineer, THE COMPLETE DATA >
  2. Summery on science on dental amalgam / mercury
  3. More Scientific Facts on the Biological Effects of Mercury Amalgams
  4. Mercury Amalgam: Extensive data (psychological/physiological) ! 
  5. More scientific findings - brief discriptions
  6. Research regarding sensitivity for mercury.
  7. Amalgam and Alzheimer
  8. Toxic peripheral neuropathies
  9. EDTA and EGTA complexes of Hg2+ are potentially injurious
  10. Mercury effects on the contractile activity of isolated heart muscle
  11. Long term exposure to low doses of mercury, neurological damage
  12. Intake of Dietary Fiber and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease
  13. Health Effects from Dental Personnel Exposure to Mercury Vapor 
  14. Parkinson's
  15. Amalgam in 1883
  16. Amalgam in 1971
  17. Effects of methylmercury exposure from fish consumption 
  18. More on fish consumption (Seychelles). Article from New Scientist
  19. Mercury vapor may be the biggest problem even for equal exposures
  20. Mercury impairs the enzymatic feedback, and allows one to get copper-poisoned
  21. The need for stomach acids :
  23. Traces of mercury in organs from primates with amalgam fillings
  24. Mercury : oral and intestinal floras of primates
  25. Additional references on dental office health effects
  26. ALS web site recently posted Effects of Mercury Toxicity
  27. MELISA (MEmory Lymphocyte ImmunoStimulation Assay), is an optimized lymphocyte stimulation test.
  28. Other poisons, paladium, monosodium glutamate (MSG), aspartame, Thallium, chelation therapy and some letter exchange 
  29. Side-effects: mercury contribution to body burden from dental amalgam.
  30. MERCURY and Alzheimer, neurodegenerative disorders, multiple sclerosis.
  31. Methyl Mercury in Dental Amalgams, surpassing liver pathways !! 
  32. Medline :Evidence for delayed neurotoxicity produced by methylmercury.
  33. Medline : Depletion of glutathione in the kidney / inorganic mercury
  34. Medline : Occupational exposures to metals as risk factors for Parkinson's disease.
  35. Medline : Chronic elemental mercury intoxication: neuropsychological study.
  36., just visit this address for good science on mercury-amalgam toxidity !!!! 
  37. More Science, abstracs of studies on :